BackTour FAQ

When will the (insert name of city here) date be announced?

As soon as we have confirmed shows, all tour dates are annouced on the front page of the site and updated in the 'Tour' section.  There is no set schedule for touring and show annoucements, so be sure to also keep your e-mail address current in your profile as we also send out e-mail updates when tours are announced.

How much are tickets?

Tickets prices will vary and generally also include a service charge and facilities fee per ticket.

What does TBA mean?

TBA means To Be Announced

What does GA (General Admission) mean?

An unreserved seating or standing area.

Do members of The Metallica Club get a pre-sale?

Members of The Metallica Club will have access to a ticket pre-sale before the general sale for MOST shows.  Please check in the 'News'  and 'Tour' sections of the site for more details such as dates and times of pre-sales.