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Can I download graphics and/or photographs from this site to use for my own site?

Yes, but only with our written permission. If you are selling, trading, bartering, or donating unauthorized merchandise or recordings of Metallica for value, which is prohibited, we cannot give you permission to download graphics and/or photographs. Please submit your requests and inquiries regarding this subject to

I have a site dedicated to Metallica, can I have advertising banners too?

Yes, but we ask that you not use Metallica's name for profit in any way if your site contains banner ads.

Can I register a domain name that has 'Metallica' included in it?

If you have a website that is solely dedicated to Metallica in compliance with these guidelines, the band will allow you to register and use a domain name with the name 'Metallica' in it. Please submit your request and inquiries regarding this subject to

Can I record concerts?

Recording is prohibited at most venues and it is up to YOU to determine this before you record any concert. You may record concerts for your own personal use if the venue allows it, but we ask that you please not sell, trade, donate, or barter the recordings in exchange for other goods or money. As a fan, you know that Metallica is very particular about the quality of their recordings and anything with their name on it. This standard of quality is lost when the band's name is used and recordings are distributed without their permission.

Can I sell Metallica merchandise and recordings?

Yes, if it is original recordings or official and authorized merchandise, but the selling of unauthorized recordings and merchandise is strictly prohibited.

Can I display Metallica merchandise and recordings on my website?

Yes, but only if it is the bands original or official and authorized merchandise. See above.

Can I offer Metallica's recordings to be downloaded by visitors to my website?

No, we do not authorize any Metallica music to be downloaded, but please feel free to stream Metallica's music on your site (maximum streaming quality 28kb/sec) - just no downloading. Only official Metallica releases may be streamed, no recordings from concerts or any other source.

Can I post Lyrics and Sheet Music on my website?

Yes, you may post lyrics, but we ask that you do not post lyrics and chords in sheet music form because that would be copyright infringement. Metallica has a licensee that sells and distributes their sheet music and it would not be fair to Metallica's licensee to allow you to do that.

Can I register Metallica's name or a variation of it as a trademark?

No, you may not register Metallica's name either alone, or with other words, or their stylized lettering or logos, with any governmental agency, i.e. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Secretary of State, foreign trademark offices, etc.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

If you are unsure of the content on your website, or need information, email us at

We thank you for your cooperation and compliance with our guidelines and hope that we have answered your questions.