YAY – I Purchased Tickets...When Will I Receive Them?

All tickets will be delivered digitally just prior to the shows and are non-transferable. Tickets will only be delivered to your mobile device, so selling your ticket(s) will require you to sell your phone too!

  • Download the Ticketmaster app: You can find the official Ticketmaster app by seaching "Ticketmaster" in your phones app store. The app logo will be a white, lower case "t" with a blue background. 
  • Sign in: Login to the Ticketmaster account you purchased your tickets with. You will see "My Events" below a ticket icon at the bottom of you screen. Click into "My Events" and you should see the show(s) listed. 
  • Barcode: Once you click on your show, you may notice you cannot find the scan barcode. Don't panic! Barcodes will render on all tickets starting 72 hours prior to event time. If you purchased tickets for both nights, that counts as one “event" and you will need to refer back to the same barcode screen on Sunday.
  • SafeTix: Your barcode is powered by Ticketmaster SafeTix and updates every few seconds. Learn more about Ticketmaster SafeTix.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be sold.