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Much gratitude to Mark Abramson for 15 years of dedication to So What! in the printed form.

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Hardwired...To Self Destruct: Herring & Herring, Turner Duckworth, Ross Halfin

2015 Skin: Ross Halfin, Jeff Yeager, Cambria Harkey, John Baizley

Kill 'Em All Skin: Gary L. Heard, Gene Ambo, Kevin Hodapp, Ross Halfin, Les Edwards

Ride the Lightning Skin: Ad Artists, Ross Halfin, Harald Oimen, Alvin Petty

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Jeff Yeager, Niclas Swanlund

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Noah Abrams, Drew Altizer, Michael Agel, Raymond Ahner, Dan Braun, Jason Bryant, Steffan Chirazi, Danny Clinch, Anton Corbijn, Annamaria DiSanto, Ross Halfin, Herring & Herring, Jodi Hildebrand, Kevin Hodapp, Kazuyo Horie, Mark Leialoha, Brian Lew, Clay Patrick McBride, Ron McGovney, James R. Minchin III, Dan Nykolayko, Harold Oimen, Marc Paschke, Jason Reposar, Soren Solkaer Starbird, Niclas Swanlund, Lars Ulrich, Mark Weiss, Mike Wozniak, Steven Wiig, Jeff Yeager


John Baizley, Richey Beckett, Mark Devito, James Hetfield, Pushead, Tony Squindo, Turner Duckworth

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With tens of thousands of images on this website, we have done our best to give credit where credit is due. If you see a photo or piece of artwork that is yours and does not have credit attributed to it, please contact and we will take care of that for you!

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