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December 20, 2004 at 3:56pm

Dec 20 post 1

Damn, 18 months just flew by, it felt just like...18 months! The Madly In Anger With The World 2003 - 2004 has now been over for a few weeks, and it is time to say Goodbye!

The last video from the tour has now been posted, from the boys hometown show in San Jose. I know it has taken awhile to finish up all the vids, but keep in mind we had a few 45 minute long videos at the end! This one from San Jose is not that bad, over 22 minutes long with footage including some more interviews with crew guys, saying goodbye to their cool guests Godsmack, exclusive jam of Shortest Straw in the tuning room, Disposable Heroes live plus extra Boring Bonus MOT Babble.

The boys have been all over the world on this tour including Europe one hundred times, USA a few times, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. They did everything from prisons, small clubs, to 90 000+ at large stadiums. The coolest thing though, is that so have YOU, together with your friend MetOnTour. 1000's of photos from this tour alone, videos from most of the shows, plus footage of the boys hanging out both at the venue, and on days off. I think these 18 months have been the best 18 months in the life of this website. ALL BECAUSE YOU GUYS GIVE A SHIT AND KEEP ON COMING BACK!!!...O yeah, plus four other cool peeps, let's not forget about them.

Take care, be safe. Who knows? One day this Silly Little Website might be breathing some fresh Metallicair again...Until then, surf's up, Pura Vida...MetOnTour.


December 16, 2004 at 7:56pm

Dec 16 post 1

MetOnTour TV is back with two more videos for your enjoyment. First up is San Antonio where we talk with some fans in line waiting to get into the show, a quick chat with Butch and Brad, and some Bleeding Me. Today's second episode is from Salt Lake city. Highlights from SLC include some great setlist discussions, fun in the tuning room, and Battery.


December 15, 2004 at 7:42pm

Dec 15 post 1

Grab a comfortable chair, a healthy size snack, and a tall tasty beverage for this over 46 minute video from Anaheim! The crew answers the questions YOU asked via the message board plus breakfast w/ Metallica on Saturday afternoon? And Frantic live!


December 14, 2004 at 5:01pm

Dec 14 post 1

Welcome to another edition of MetOnTour TV. In this episode, we have a few crew interviews, as well as I Disappear live! Enjoy!


December 8, 2004 at 5:38pm

Dec 8 post 1

Not one, not two, but three! 1, 2, 3 videos today! First up is New Orleans with a fan getting a guitar lesson from Kirk, special appearance by Pepper from COC, and what IS that plate of food that Lars eats? Second video is from Houston where we have a Lars interview happening, along with a crew celebration of Big Mick's 20th Anniversary working with Metallica. The third video is from Dallas and is all about fun. There's meet and greet fun, tuning room fun, oh yeah, and some pie-ing fun for a certain lead guitarist's birthday!

Enjoy today's edition of MetOnTour TV!! MOT


December 7, 2004 at 9:34pm

Dec 7 post 2

Video number 2 for today! Make sure you are settled in for this 25 minute video. Some highlites include fans in the parking lot, a special behind the scenes tour of a typical tour bus, fans suggesting songs in the Meet and Greet, and Leper Messiah live. Also included is the Q&A with legendary former tour manager Tony Smith. So grab a snack and a tasty beverage and enjoy MetOnTour TV!


December 7, 2004 at 4:16pm

Dec 7 post 1

Hey you, wake up! Get yourself together!! It's time for MetOnTour TV!!! The first video today is from Nashville. We have some killer songs in the tuning room, Kirk during his pre-show ritual, and The Four Horsemen live.

Stay tuned, we hope to have another video for you later today! See ya in a bit, MOT


December 4, 2004 at 1:10am

Dec 3 - post 1

Hey everyone, life exists in Metallica and MetOnTour land. The boys are on a well deserved break after the 18 months long Madly In Anger With The World 2003-2004 Tour. Myself, I have been in San Francisco at Metallica HQ, finishing up some loose ends, that need to be tied before I too can go and have some time off. I don't want to bore you with any details, but I just want to give everyone a heads up that videos will be coming. For you true fans, that click refresh every 5 minutes, you can wait until Monday or so, then you can start to click refresh again.Have a great weekend, MOT


November 29, 2004 at 5:45pm

Nov 29 - post 1

"Holy Fuck, the tour is over", said metalhead257 in a posting on the boards this morning, and yes, Holy Fuck, yes it is! It is time for the boys to take a break. How long? Don't even ask. I don't think they know the answer to that one. If I know the boys right though, they will start to get bored at a certain point, and then the machine will start kikkin again. We will have a few more episodes of MetOnTour TV that should be hitting your screens within the next few days. I got some very cool crew interviews at the last few shows, I think you will be diggin that. Speak soon...MOT


November 29, 2004 at 5:49am

Nov 28 post 2

I got one thing to say right now after the last show on the Madly In Anger With The World Tour, I might have a few more things to say tomorrow....Right now, all I got to say is..THANK YOU GOODNIGHT!


November 28, 2004 at 9:21pm

Nov 28 - post 1

Just one of those days? Just another day at the office? Just another rock show? Yes, and fucking no! I guess we can call this a hometown gig, we are about 45 minutes outside San Francisco, and somehow, around 400+ of their closest friends, are on the guestlist. Another day where production goes nuts! I said it before and I will say it again, it is all good....As you probably know, tonight is also the last show on the 19 month long Madly In Anger With The World Tour. People have travelled from all over the world for this one. Anything special on the menu? It better be, or this will be my last show...on this tour! I am working on getting some answers to all the great questions you have asked to the crew boys. I will try to keep you updated as the night goes by, but it might be some delays, as I need to make sure to capture all the action here at the HP Pavillion.See ya...MOT


November 28, 2004 at 5:45am

Nov 27 - post 3

Backstage here in Anaheim we had a lot of rockers, and then some real ones too. Bob Rock was actually in town, and the band was really happy to see him and get a chance to catch up on things again. I also noticed members of Slipknot, System of a Down, Jerry Cantrell, Satyricon and I am sure I missed a few hiding under some cool hats! I got an email from a diehard fan that just got home from the show, and I decided to rip him off and post his email here (sorry D.A.N): "Another blistering set, though it was a little heavy on The Black Album. 'Disposable Heroes' sounded especially potent this evening... the riffs seems to slice through the air at a frantic pace. It was nice to hear a loud Southern California crowd for once... sometimes SoCal can be a little on the spoiled side... but it seems that everybody was extremely stoked to be seeing The Mighty Met for the first time in Anaheim in what seems like forever. T-Minus One Gig and Counting."Anything special about tomorrows show? You mean except that it is the last show on this 19 months long tour? Or that it is the bands hometown? WOOOOHOOOOOOO


November 27, 2004 at 9:56pm

Nov 27 post 1

Anaheim, about an hour outside Los Angeles, but yet close enough to make the production crew go insane...Yes, it is about that time, we have a big guest list tonight. To make things even crazier we also have a contest, kind of a gig before the gig thing. Don't worry, I will keep everyone updated.

Dan the Man gave me some interesting trivia about the show here in Anaheim. The last time Metallica played Anaheim was November 9, 1986 at a small club called Jezabelle's. This was Jason Newsted's second gig with the band. Before that, the only time Metallica played Anaheim were 7 shows in 1982. One of those 1982 was an extremely important show.

You see... the March 14, 1982 gig at Radio City was the very FIRST Metallica gig EVER. Anaheim was the birthplace of Metallica in a live setting. Also, funny enough, this is the very first time Metallica is playing an arena in Anaheim as every other show they played in the city were in clubs. A lot of Metallica history flowing in this city... let's see if they make any more history tonight. (Thanks to Dan for the trivia)

Trying to give you guys some regular updates from Anaheim, but as this is the last few shows, I am working on doing some crew interviews and other surprises. More to come later. MOT


November 26, 2004 at 7:49pm

Nov 26 post 1

The bullshit stops here! Lets cut to the chase and get some real answers. Welcome to the Madly In Anger With The CREW. This is your chance to ask questions to the people that made it all happen, the hard working crew that do everything from building the stage, making sure the noise level is HIGH, the stage looks good, blowing up shit, tuning the guitars, making food for the boys and whatever else you can or can't imagine.

Second roll out include our good crew friends Mike Pro Tools, Lee, Flemming, Big Mick and STIV

Mike "Pro Tools" - The man recording & mixing downloads

Lee - Production Coordinator and Setlist King

Flemming - Lars' Drumtech since 1985, also from Copenhagen, Denmark, just like his boss.

Big Mick - Sound Geezer, the legend, recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the band.

STIV - Lars' 24 hour/day personal assistant and according to some rumours, Lars' brother!

Post your questions on the message board to these lovely bunch of people. You have until Saturday, Nov 26th at 12pm, (noon) PST time.



November 25, 2004 at 5:54am

Nov 24 - post 4

I am not going to start this post by saying that we only have two shows to go, but hey, the fucking energy and the excitment for these last shows in California is huge. Not only is every show sold out here, but I have not seen so many people traveling from far away for these specific shows. I mentioned earlier that I met people from Japan, but as the night goes by I meet fans from Mexico, England, Germany, and not to forget from all over the US too.

We had a lot of friends and family backstage, today was the first time I had the big honor of meeting Super-Mini-Trujillio, a beautiful little kid. "Hey man, he looks just like you Rob", said Kirk to Rob when he met the little angel the first time...No shit Kirk :)

As I have mentioned many times before, you know the show is going to be great when the jokes are flying in the tuning room before the show. The boys were in the middle of jammin on some classic Rainbow songs when our tour manager Rex reminded them that it was five minutes to show time. Alright, let's kick in to some Blackened and start the intro tape.

If you are "only" looking at the setlist, the show here in San Diego might not look like something very special, but I tell you, when you saw the guys looking around inside the venue, there was not a empty seat in the house. This was a very special show, the people that were here, you could tell they really wanted to be here! They did not want to go to any show, they wanted fucking Metallica, and fucking Metallica they got. Surprise of the night - Last Caress.

Happy Thanksgiving all my friends out there, and everyone else too.....MOT


November 24, 2004 at 11:49pm

Nov 24 post 1

Last time we were in San Diego, I met a bunch of fans from Japan. This time around it's much the same. Everyone wants to make sure not to miss the last three shows on the tour. What is going to happen with the setlist? What other crazy things do the boys have in store for us?

Photos are up...


November 23, 2004 at 9:31pm

Nov 23 post 2

The bullshit stops here! Lets cut to the chase and get some real answers. Welcome to the Madly In Anger With The CREW. This is your chance to ask questions to the people that made it all happen, the hard working crew that do everything from building the stage, making sure the noise level is HIGH, the stage looks good, blowing up shit, tuning the guitars, making food for the boys and whatever else you can or can't imagine.

First out we have Reid, Chris, Scott, That Guy Butch, Foster and our own Chubby.

Reid - Pyro King

Chris - Sound department, Paul's assistant, deals with the bands in-ears, what the band hears during the show, if something goes wrong Chris will talk to the band about it.

Scott - Sound Department, Big Mick's assistant and right man hand during the show, sets up the sound system set up for the building.

Butch - Lighting Director, the man that makes it all look good,

Foster - Dressing Room Assistant, Feeding the boys

Chubby - Venue Security, the man that makes every show a secure and fun place

Head on over to the message board and post your question to these lovely bunch of people. You have until Weds, Nov 24th at 12pm, (noon) PST time.

Round two coming up soon! Stay tuned!


November 23, 2004 at 8:30pm

Nov 23 post 1

What time is it? You know what time it is! Time for another three videos of course! We did a few shows in Florida a couple of weeks ago, great shows, and then some great moments captured both backstage and on stage.

Would you really ask Lars for suggestions what to name your kid? This very brave fan did just that in Tampa.

Then when we hit Jacksonville, our good friend and guitar tech for Kirk, gave us an exclusive tour of the "underworld". Another good buddy Steffan flew to the same city to get an indepth interview with each band guy. We have a snippet of the one he did with Kirk. How about the Jungle Essence Bad Ass Bass Solo!

In Pensacola our crazy lighting chief aka "That Guy Butch" make a few appearances, and then the new singer Kirk tries to remember & sing the lyrics to Seek and Destroy, maybe he just did that, Destroy. The Call Of Ktulu has not been played in it's entirety since February 7, 1985 (aside from the S&M shows, and rehearsing for those shows), in Pensacola that was about to change. We have the backstage rehearsal for you. Live on stage, For Whom The Bell Tolls.

To answer your next question, the Nov 6th show will be coming later tonight, don't worry, don't do anything I would not do....MOT

PS: The time is 2:30 PM in San Diego, CA


November 23, 2004 at 5:45am

Nov 22 post 3

As I previously mentioned when I got off the bus earlier today and walked in to the hotel, I knew that I had been here not too long ago. Well, when I realized that "not too long ago" was actually about a year ago, then it once again hit me how fast this tour has gone by.

So here we are, backstage at the E Center Arena in Salt Lake City, another 2 hour +, sold out show just finished. The guys had to mess around with the setlist a little bit extra, as the true Salt Lake City fans were at the show last year. Lars was still struggling with the list up until 5 minutes before show time, he got so desperate that he even asked MetOnTour for input, not that he listened to the suggestion...

The Memory Remains,The Unforgiven, Leper Messiah, The God That Failed and Stone Cold Crazy were some of the more unusual played here tonight.

I saw something you did not, I saw the guys act!! Well, you will probably one day to....OHHHH NOOOOOOO

3 to go???



November 23, 2004 at 4:27am

Nov 22 post 2

Metallica in a movie? Well, according to James before starting Sad But True here at the E Center in Salt Lake City, he told everyone in the crowd to smile, as they might have a small part in an upcoming movie, that they were shooting at the show. Please note that this is not a Metallica movie (they already have the SKOM), but they might make a quick cameo in some movie. James mentioned that the movie is called the Darwin Awards (working title only!). When we get more info, you will get more info, for now, this is what James told us....

This was a great fucking day, the vibe was amazing backstage, the band was messing with eachother, and guess what, I got it all on video, will be a great laugh when you see it...We will have some laughs coming your way a little earlier though. After the show, I am jumping on a nice long bus ride to San Diego. When I get there, I will have not only one, but maybe even two or three new vids...YEAHHHHHHH

Photos on the way, and more shit too!