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December 31, 2003 at 1:33pm

Dec 31 - post 1

NEW VIDEO ALERT! NEW VIDEO ALERT! WARNING...this one contains guns & other deadly fun stuff. The video is from Dec 18th & 19th in London. The first part of the video is from the day off in London when I joined James as he went clay shooting with his Godsmack buddies. The second part of the video is from the first, out of two, sold out shows at Earls Court. Get ready for some Harvester Of Sorrow! Happy New Year! Wherever you might be in the world. Myself, I am in Vegas, getting ready for the last & biggest party of the year. Did we have fun this year or what? Thanks EVERYONE for the amazing support throughout the year. My New Years resolution (alright, one of MANY) is to kick MetOnTour to the next level. I have a few, hopefully cool, ideas that I am going to throw your way in the next week or so.


December 30, 2003 at 4:45pm

Dec 30 post 2

Alright, I have to take something back. I know I promised you two new videos today, well, I am sorry to say that it turned out to be THREE NEW VIDEOS instead. I hope no one minds...We have Dec 14th, Dec 16th and the Dec 17th (Antwerp, BELGIUM). Highlights? Everyone has been asking about Kirk's "Dirty Window" solo. You shall ask, and it will come. How about Damage Inc. with the intro? Stop reading and check out the new vids.Vegas Update: Still shitty weather here...


December 30, 2003 at 12:36pm

Dec 30 - post 1

Viva Las Vegas Baby! You know what, it is fucking snowing too, how about that? I arrived last night and there were huge billboards for both the New Years Eve show, plus the upcoming show on March 13th here in Vegas. I can feel it coming....Metallica will take over this town tomorrow night...I can FEEL IT! In other fun news, within the next few hours, I should have another two videos up. The videos are from the Dec 14th (Mannheim, GERMANY) and the Dec 16th (Cologne, GERMANY). Speak in a bit...GET READY!


December 26, 2003 at 8:36pm

Dec 26 - post 1

Hope everyone's holiday is a happy one. Why not have MetOnTour make it even better? TWO NEW VIDEOS! First one from the Dec 11th show in Bologna, ITALY, and the other one from the show in Erfurt, GERMANY on Dec 13th. From Bologna we will enjoy the regular behind the scenes stuff, plus "Seek and Destroy" from that show. Then we went to Erfurt and I think the shit I got on tape there, was pretty damn cool. We got everything from Meeting & Greeting, fucking around with the setlist, One great live song, inviting a young kid to play the drums, to the bands review of the show. Good shit, right??? Speak soon....MOT


December 24, 2003 at 3:30pm

Dec 24 post 1

Metallica & MetOnTour would like to wish you a Happy Holiday. After the last Europen show on Dec 20th, in London, I sat down with the boys to see if they had a few last words...And they sure did. I think they might have said too much, what do you think? Did they really give away all those tour dates? Hurry up, before we have to take this video down! Check out the NEW video from London, Dec 21 - Happy Holidays.


December 21, 2003 at 5:45am

Dec 20 - post 6

Thank you Norway, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium and fucking England! Metallica had a blast over in Europe. They had soo much fun that they will be back next summer to do it all again. Metallica wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and please enjoy your holiday. Speaking of Holidays, yours truly, will of course make sure you get some nice video presents during that time. Don't forget to check in daily, you will never know what you might hear and see :) Setlist & photos are up.


December 21, 2003 at 4:06am

Dec 20 post 2

Yes, I got another minute to sit down and breathe, that means that the guys are on stage. We have the MONSTER ROB on bass, making some killer noise before going straight in to Bellz. The band opened with Battery, The Four Horsemen, Ride The Lightning, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), and now we have Bellz. I personally feel that everyone is ready for a short break, but at the same time, everyone was mega-pumped for tonights show. How amazing is it to be able to fill Earls Court two nights in a row. Thank you London, Metallica will be back!


December 20, 2003 at 10:30pm

Dec 20 - post 1

Hi again, London. Here we are, another day at the legendary Earls Court Arena. Last time Metallica played two nights in a row, in the same city, was in Oslo, Norway, and we all know what Metallica likes to to do with the setlist. Fuck it all up! Tonight is also the last show on the Euro-Tour 2003, and that will definitely not make things worse. I told you in my post yesterday that we might have some celebration going on after the show. LAst night we had the official "Metallica end of a leg tourparty". The band rented a conference room at a London Hotel. We had Metallica & Godsmack in the house, plus all the touring crew and a few friends. Some people left at 2am, and others did not. Everyone had a good time and the vibe on this tour is kick ass.


December 20, 2003 at 5:14am

Dec 19 - post 5

Nice one, out of two! A packed Earls Court, can't get much better than that, right? I was up on stage behind Lars during the end of the show, and guess who I ran into, Brian Tatler from Diamond Head. Next thing I knew, the band started playing Am I Evil? (classic Diamond Head song). Lars was pointing at Brian, to get him to join them on stage, but I think Brian was not really prepared :) Very cool though to see Brian headbang during Am I Evil? (and of course to some other ones too). Tonight we might also have some celebrations going on, don't worry, I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Setlist is up, pics on the way....MOT


December 20, 2003 at 2:57am

Dec 19 - post 4

What is ALWAYS happening on the last two shows at the end of a tour? EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine! The band walked on stage about 20 minutes ago, and this would be the first time for me to sit down and breath for a few minutes. The guys were jamming for almost 30 minutes before entering the stage. They were PUMPED and ready to kick some serious English ass. Right now we are five songs in the the show. Currently we have the mighty, heavy, dark, "The Thing That Should Not Be".


December 19, 2003 at 7:29pm

Dec 19th - post 2

While I was reading through the reviews from Antwerp I saw a post from the fan that gave Rob his "funny hat", that Rob decided to wear during Bells. I thought I share that with you as well:####Posted by: JimmyHBS BelgiumI am the proud donor of the "ZOTTEKOP" which is the 'funny' hat Roberto wore during Bells. Lars courteously slipped it on Kirk during his final Solo of Bells. The hat is of the National Belgian Soccer Team. I gave it during the Meet&Greet before the show and told him that if he'd wair it on stage the audience would be listening a lot closer. Beats THX. And yezzz, he did, all the Palace stood up and never sat down again till the end of the gig. I'm not a big soccer fan myself, i stick to Metallica and Harley's, but it was a great way to get the whole croud going. IT REALLY MADE MY DAY !! After going to Arnhem, Bercy and Cologne, I was afraid we couldn't outdo those gigs as Belgian fans. But, AU CONTRAIRE, the Belgian Fans stood United as ONE. GREAT SETLIST !!! I couldn't be more Proud !!! METALLICA FOREVER !!!


December 19, 2003 at 3:45am

Dec 18 - post 3

Hello London, England! Here we are after a nice 8 hour bus drive. The crew left around 3 in the morning from Antwerp, Belgium, and arrived at the hotel in London around 11 in the morning. I had a quick shower and then off to hook up with James for another day of(f) fun. James and Sully, Robbie and Tony from Godsmack went to a "Sporting Clays" ranch outside London. They spent a few hours shooting, unfortunately not together as they were forced to divide into groups. They spent about 2 hours there, and walked out with a big smile on their face, plus all body parts still looking the same. Check out the pics. More detailed report & pics might show up in a future issue of So What! magazine (Metallica's Fanclub Mag).Tomorrow, day one out of two at Earls Court in London. Setlist???


December 18, 2003 at 7:43pm

Dec 18 - post 2

Band is out of here and in about two hours the crew will be on the way too. Next stop is London, for a day off and then the last two shows on this European tour. More show pics are up...Cya in a bit...MOT


December 18, 2003 at 6:15am

Dec 18 - post 1

15 minutes past midnight here in Antwerp, Belgium, and we have one more song to go (according to the setlist). The Four Horsemen are playing the Four Horsemen right now. While walking by the barricade, I was watching the front-row-maniacs to check out their reaction during the "new school" versus the "old school" songs. Pretty fucking impressive how EVERYONE knows the lyrics from St. Anger. Just realised that I babbled too much, the guys just finished the show :) Last song was Motorbreath. Setlist on the way and more show pics too.


December 18, 2003 at 5:45am

Dec 17 - post 6

Thanks for the reviews from yesterdays show in Arnhem. My pick goes to: rythmick-----Review by: rythmick Hey guys, yeah...what should I was freakin' great....I really had a blast....It was a really, really good setlist....with a few (more than a few) really good suprises and some must classics. I must say it was my best Metallcia gig I've ever been that being at your gigs since 1984 (yeah....Ride the Lightning, baby!) The sound was good, but a bit to much stomach from the basses (bass and drums)... And one thing was surely regocnizable....the boys had fun....and if the boys have fun....we surely have a lot of fun, too.... The new songs are really great in a live situation....good god....and Kirk even played a solo in 'Dirty window'....btw that song ruled Thanx for 'Leper Messiah' And Lars....thanx for actually playing 'The thing that should not be' as I requested during the Meet & Greet... And James....this time you really got me there during 'Seek & Destroy' all good....CU next time guys bye Mick


December 18, 2003 at 5:14am

Dec 17 - post 5

Another true 'Tallica story. During the Meet & Greet this fan gives Rob a crazy fucking hat and tells him "When you need some extra power, just put this on and it will be all good". Rob just called in some extra power during Bellz. The hat, correct me if I am wrong (yes, I know YOU will) is the hat of a soccer team from Belgium. Pics on the way...MOT


December 18, 2003 at 4:33am

Dec 17 post 4

Sad But True, right now, live, no cover band, here in fucking Antwerp at the Sportpaleis. I was out in the crowd, all the way in the back when Exctasy of Gold started. Looking around I felt that 14 000 people in there right now, all had goose bumps. The vibe was amazing, so strong, almost holy. Damn, did I say all that? Still after seing & hearing about 500+ Metallica shows, I too get goose bumps when I hear the classic intro. During the meet & greet Lars, once again, asked the fanclub members attending which song they should open with. BLACKENED was the winner....the rest is now history, or story, or at least a part of the Antwerp story. Gotta run...MOT


December 18, 2003 at 12:21am

Dec 17 - post 3

Quick HEY, just sent a couple of new pics up. Saw James a few minutes ago, seemed to be in a great mood, really looking forward tonights gig. All 4 guys are here, and they are doing some press at the moment. Around 7:30pm we should have Meet & Greet starting. A little later show tonight, scheduled to start at 9:45.


December 17, 2003 at 9:43pm

Dec 17 - post 1

We are in Antwerp, Belgium at the Sportpaleis. From what I have heard, tonight will be packed, and the fans have a reputation of being pretty freakin crazy (in a good way). When I was walking outside to take some photos, I saw a guy with a huge banner and in the corner of the banner, written in small text it said "put me on". Uh oh, what have we started here :)So yesteday I put up a clip of Dirty Window, and of course, as I knew, you were all asking for the Kirk solo part of it. Don't worry, we have a long tour ahead of us, and I hope you will tune in daily, to your favorite channel. At least for the next 6 months, RIGHT FOCKERS!


December 17, 2003 at 7:40am

Dec 17 post 1

Alrighty then, get ready for ANOTHER FUCKING VIDEO, and I will keep 'em coming. This one is from Paris, and I think it turned out pretty cool. I am pretty sure you will agree with me on the choice of live song I picked from the show, second time EVER played live by the band. Also, I will give you the background to WHY Metallica decided to pick that specific song that night. After you check it out, you will have to head over to the FanClub ( and thank some members over there. (you will know what I am talking about after you see the vid.)