January 31, 1986

Spastik Children's First Gig at Ruthie's Inn

James Hetfield on drums
Cliff Burton on bass
Fred Cotton on vocals
James "flunkey" McDaniel on guitar. Spastik Children was a punk band that never recorded any material, but gave its members a chance to have fun on stage.


March 3, 1986

Master of Puppets Released

Master of Puppets is released by Elektra Records in the US and features "Master of Puppets," "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" and "Battery. The album peaks at #29 on the US Billboard 200.


July 26, 1986

James Breaks Wrist Skateboarding

James breaks his wrist while skateboarding causing the band to cancel a show in Evansville, Indiana. The band taps John Marshall to play rhythm guitar from July 27 to Sept. 25.


September 27, 1986


October 7, 1986

Cliff's Funeral

Cliff's family and friends gather to remember their fallen friend and lay him to rest. A recording of "Orion" is played at the service.


October 28, 1986

Jason Newsted Joins Metallica

After a very emotional and grueling audition process, the band brings Jason Newsted to Tommy's Joint in San Francisco to ask him to join the band.