Christchurch, New Zealand... Sometimes You Do Get What You Want!

September 21 Christchurch, New Zealand - CBS Canterbury Arena

Tickets on sale July 15 at 5:00 PM local time via Ticketek. My TKT pre-sale is July 13 at noon local time.

Met Club presale: On sale starting July 13 at 12:00 PM (noon) local time and ends on July 14 at 5:00 PM local time. Four ticket limit per member.

You asked (okay, demanded!) and we heard ya. When we got wind of the massive petitions for us to come to Christchurch, New Zealand we just had to check it out... and wow, the number of requests were overwhelming! So, the moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for... because 'Tallica is coming to your town on September 22 at CBS Canterbury Arena!

Now here's the catch - our production team scoped it out over the last couple of weeks and no matter how hard we tried to re-configure it, the bottom line is the CBS Canterbury Arena is just not equipped to…

July 12, 2010 News

Pre Order the So What! Book and SKOM EP Here


So What! The Good, the Mad and the Ugly takes a look back at the last 10 years of So What! MAGAZINE history. The book is edited by So What! editor Steffan Chirazi and CONTAINS 288 pages of TOP METALLICA MOMENTS FROM THE BAND'S OWN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION. So What! magazine's first release was in 1994 and since then it has continued to break down the barrier between the band and its fans. Join the Fan Club too late? Or not at all? Here's a way to get a glimpse at what you have been missing for the last decade! The official release date for the book is August 17th, 2004, reserve your copy now!!


On July 13th Metallica will release "Some Kind of Monster" on EP including two versions of the title track as well as 6 live tracks and 2 movie trailers. And as an added bonus, grab the EP in its special packaging for the SKOM shirt (XXL available on-line, NOT in…

Lars on the Conan Obrien Show

Lars will be a guest on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show, TONIGHT at 12:35am Eastern and Pacific time, 11:35pm Central time on NBC! Please check local listings for the exact time and station in your area.Update July 10: A replay of this show will air Monday, July 12th at 6pm on Comedy Central. Please check local listings for the exact time and station in your area.
July 10, 2004 News

Two More for the Fall

It's been almost seven years since we've played indoors in Tokyo, so it's about time!! We can't wait to return to Japan on September 25 and 26 for two shows at the Saitama Super Arena.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 3 at 10:00 AM with an eplus pre-sale starting on June 12 at 10:00 AM. Met Club members should check the Members Area for details on how you can purchase pre-sale tickets starting June 10.

We're working on a few more shows for the month of September, so keep an eye out here over the next couple of weeks for updates.

*Please note: while this is an indoor show, it will not be in the round similar to other World Magnetic shows... the stage will be in one end of the arena. Children under six years of age are not allowed on the floor (arena section).

One More U.S. Tour Stop Added

A day off? Who needs a day off!?! The boys just wanna play! So on August 6, 2003, the Metallica machine will roll through Salt Lake City with a stop at USANA Ampitheatre for a headlining show. (Opening act to be announced later)

Tickets go on sale to the general public this Saturday, July 19th at 9 AM Mountain Time. Met Club members will be able to purchase tickets at a special pre-sale the day before (Friday, July 18th) through

July 15, 2003 News

Leak Central - Guitar Hero Edition

An all Metallica Guitar Hero game... fact or fiction? Idle internet gossip, wishful thinking, or the real deal? Let's just say that perhaps, just maybe, if you've already mastered "One" on GHIII there might be a pile of 'Tallica songs in your future.

More details later this summer...

Metallica on Fuse's Daily Download

Be sure to check out James and Lars on the Daily Download, LIVE on Fuse from 6pm-7pm EST (with a repeat presentation at 10pm-11pm EST) next week on Thursday, July 8th. Go to to find Fuse on your local cable system.
June 30, 2004 News

An Addition to the Hammett Family

Kirk and Lani Hammett gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Vincenzo Kainalu on June 28th. Mom and son are doing great. (Angel and Dad are coping)
July 15, 2008 News

Glastonbury Recap

Let's be clear.

Glastonbury itself didn't dispute why Metallica were chosen to headline the Pyramid Stage on a Saturday night, and those who are AT Glastonbury CERTAINLY didn't challenge why Metallica were chosen to headline the Pyramid Stage on a Saturday night. No, it was the sofa kings. The keyboard warriors. And those who are born to be naysayers...they kicked up a fuss, mistook identities and basically caused a massive fuss....juuuuuust the way Metallica like it. Doubt them at your peril. Try to deny them and be damned. Earth hath no fury like a Metallica scorned.

Look, do I NEED to confirm they delivered a rip-roaring riposte to the couch surfing Internet warriors and wankers? Well, just in case...they did. Triple times. With bells on. And a big fat fucking cherry on top...they even served up a sweet ironic treat in delivering a short film, featuring fox hunters on a…

June 29, 2014 News

A Letter from Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky

Dear friends,

As you've probably heard, our new movie Metallica: Some Kind of Monster is opening in theatres this summer. You may have checked out some of the opening dates and cities on the website, and you might be wondering why your town isn't on the list yet. Here's why:

This isn't a Hollywood blockbuster, so there's no big studio backing the movie and opening it on thousands of screens like most films you'll see this summer. In most countries (including the U.S.), the film is being released in what is called a "platform release." This means that it opens slowly, one or two cities at a time. If a lot of people go to see it in those first few cities AS SOON AS IT OPENS, it will open in other places. If people don't show up on opening weekend in each and every city, the theatres will be forced to pull it off the screen by the Hollywood studios that want that screen for Spiderman…

June 29, 2004 News

Australian Tour... The Prequel!

An additional show has been added for September 16 in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena.

Wow... you guys are nuts and we are nuts about you!! It's still mind boggling to us that 13 shows in Australia sold out in less than an hour! So guess what??? We're coming BAAAACCCK! We spent the last couple of weeks trying to put a schedule together in September that would include yet another visit... the third one, the prequel if you will. It works out that on our way to Japan we can do just that, so look for us AGAIN on September 15 in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena and September 18 in Sydney at Acer Arena.

Tickets go on sale June 25 at 9:00 AM. The Visa pre-sale is June 21 at noon through June 23 at 9:00 AM and the Ticketek pre-sale June 23, also at noon, goes through June 24 at 5:00 PM. Fan Club members should check the Members Area for information about their pre-sale that begins TOMORROW!


June 29, 2010 News

Through The Never Movie News... And Lots Of It!

Greetings from Comic-Con

Hello from sunny San Diego and our first ever Comic-Con visit. We are so psyched to be here and what a wild ride it has been! We just wrapped up chatting with some of you during our panel with the star of the film, Dane DeHaan, Producer Charlotte Huggins, and Director/Writer Nimrod Antal and it was beyond thrilling to have an audience of over 6,500 watch our first official theatrical trailer with us. Now we have it streaming here for you to check out too.

The big news today is that if you would like to be among the first to see the film in all its IMAX 3D glory on September 27 tickets are available now, including advance 10:00pm and midnight screenings the night before! Reserve your spot at your favorite local theatre by clicking here to purchase advance tickets online and if you do not see your closest IMAX theatre listed, please contact them for…

July 20, 2013 News

Berlin... London... September

Have we mentioned that we have an album coming out in September? Maybe just a few times... so to celebrate, we thought it would be cool to hang with a few of our closest friends in some of our favorite cities. On September 12 in Berlin, Germany and on September 15 in London, England we'll be hosting a little bash to celebrate the blessed event of the upcoming addition to the Metallica family/catalog. There will be a live band (that would be us!) and tickets will only be available to MetClub members and Mission: Metallica members. We can't give you all the details just yet... consider this a save the date!
July 28, 2008 News

Message from James

In the last few weeks there have been a lot of rumors flying around saying that I was detained by airport security in London while on tour in Europe. I'm here to tell you that it never happened... pure fabrication! The story is simply that there is no story... it's scary how gullible and easily fooled the press is!

With that said, we had a blast out there on the "Sick of the Studio" tour and big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and to the crew who made it happen. Now back to the studio...

July 20, 2007 News

Frantic Video Shoot

The boys are scheduled to spend this upcoming Monday, the day after their Summer Sanitarium stop in Montreal to film their next video from St. Anger. Frantic will be shot under the direction of Wayne Isham. (Cunning Stunts, Enter Sandman, Sad But True, I Disappear, S&M, St. Anger Rehearsal DVD) will be there to cover all the happenings.
July 20, 2003 News

MTV's Summer Sanitarium Tour Special

The half hour show will feature our very own METALLICA boys hanging with fans and showing viewers all that Summer Sanitarium has to offer!...

Here are the airdates and times:

SATURDAY 7/19 @ 1:30PM ***PREMIERE*** SUNDAY 7/20 @ 3:30PM FRIDAY 7/25 @ 1:00AM (late Thurs night)

For more information go to

July 18, 2003 News

Message from Lars

Lars and Skylar Ulrich are getting divorced after seven years of marriage.The couple have been quietly going through divorce proceedings and separated since March.They will share custody of their two children.
July 19, 2004 News

So What! Book Signing

Because "So What!" the book hits stores the next day, the only way to get your copy signed is to pre-purchase the book for the signing that starts at midnight after the show.

So here's how it works. Go to any Minneapolis metro Sam Goody store (see list below) and pre-purchase your book starting Monday, August 2nd at 10am. You will receive a receipt for your book and a wristband for the signing. WRISTBANDS ARE LIMITED! Bring your receipt AND your wristband to First Avenue, where you will be able to pick up your book and get it signed by the band. Doors at First Avenue open at 11:00 PM.

As usual, there are a few rules since we want to accommodate as many people as possible:

You must present your wristband and receipt to enter the club You must be 18 or older to enter First Avenue (sorry, not our rule!) No cameras or cell phone cameras will be allowed - leave 'em in the car! The…
July 29, 2004 News

A Master Passes

Ever since my father took me to see them in 1973 in Copenhagen, at the impressionable age of 9, Deep Purple has been the most constant, continuous and inspiring musical presence in my life. They have meant more to me than any other band in existence, and have had an enormous part in shaping who I am. So obviously I'm beyond bummed, saddened and devastated by today's news of the untimely passing of keyboardist Jon Lord.

We can all be guilty of lightly throwing adjectives like "unique," "one-of-a-kind" and "pioneering" around when we want to describe our heroes and the people who've moved us, but there are no more fitting words than those right now and there simply was no musician like Jon Lord in the history of hard rock. Nobody. Period.

There was nobody that played like him. There was nobody that sounded like him. There was nobody that wrote like him. There was nobody that…

July 17, 2012 News