St. Anger FAQ

1. My copy of St. Anger does not have a component (CD,DVD, or booklet). What do I do?

This depends on where and when you purchased your copy. The initial first manufacturing run of St. Anger around the world (in the millions!) all included both the CD and the DVD, along with the 28 page booklet. Subsequent pressings outside of North America and Japan may only include the CD and 28 page booklet - no DVD, unfortunately due to some record company restrictions. You may still purchase the full package of both the CD and the DVD, but the price may be the equivalent of 1-2 Euros more depending on your local retailer.

If you purchased the package in North America or Japan and are missing an element, we suggest that you return it to the store you purchased it at - you will probably need your receipt!

2. What happened to the website?

The Metallica Vault website has now…

June 25, 2003 News

Croatia Show Cancelled

We are very sorry to announce that the show scheduled for June 27th has been cancelled in Zagreb due to insurmountable technical difficulties. Our sincerest apologies to our friends in Croatia and those of you that were planning to travel there. For ticket refund information, please contact the outlet that you purchased your tickets at.
June 24, 2004 News

Summer Sanitarium 2003 Update

"We want Summer Sanitarium to be the best stuff that's out there now. I hope - and think - that we have done that. The other so-called headliners, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, are the best at what they do in their worlds. Deftones and Mudvayne...they have a different style, we're getting heavy music together. The fans are getting their money's worth - there are a lot of worn-out fans when we go on. It's a long day, but it's a lot of quality." said James about the tour and the lineup.

The vibe between the bands is great and you always see members of other bands checking out each others' show. Backstage, Metallica has set up a special hangout for everyone, called the Rubber Room. If you're lucky enough to make it to the Rubber Room, you can enjoy plenty of food, drinks, air hockey, ping pong, and video games.

A lot of people probably don't realize how much it takes to get a huge tour…

July 21, 2003 News

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts

Wow... did they really invite us to be a part of these shows? We could not be more honored to be participating in a two night series of concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York that will benefit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. Get this - we're playing with U2, Eric Clapton and Aretha Franklin on October 30! Night number one on October 29 will include Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul Simon, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and friends... and our friends at the Hall of Fame tell us there will be more great artists, but that it's all still top secret.

Tickets will be available for purchase with an American Express card through or by calling 800-745-3000 from 6:00 AM PDT (9:00 AM EDT) Monday, July 27, through Sunday, August 2 at 6:00 PM PDT (9:00 PM EDT). Tickets will be on sale to the general public…

July 22, 2009 News

Deep Purple Tribute Album

We are honored to finally confirm that our contribution to the much-discussed Deep Purple tribute album Re-Machined - a Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head will be available on September 4, 2012 through our good friends at Classic Rock Magazine as part of a special "fan-pack." Those of you who know us will have figured out we don't always take the most conventional path, and sure enough, we decided to cover a song called "When A Blind Man Cries," which was recorded during these sessions, but not included on the album. Instead, it was used as the B-side on the "Never Before" single. The song does appear as a bonus track on the album's 25th anniversary edition.

As you might have noticed with these fan-packs, the mag portion is always full of really cool exclusive content, and this one is no different, with 128 pages of exclusive chats with Purple members as well as one of…

July 23, 2012 News

Hello Copenhagen!

As Lars preps his guest list, we thought we would let you know about a couple of events surrounding the five sold out shows in Copenhagen starting tonight. First up, there is a Guitar Hero competition running at Deres in the Copenhagen City Centre... sign up online at or visit the store at Vimmelskaftet 45 to enter the competition. The grand finale takes place on Friday, July 24 at 3:00 PM and of course you need to be there in person to compete for two tickets, including passes to meet the band, for the show on July 27.

In case you can't join us at the Forum or just want to hear it again, tonight's show will be recorded for national radio P3 and broadcast this Wednesday, July 22, at 6:00 PM. And finally, keep watching the BT for a chance to win meet and greet passes... the contest starts this week.

A big thanks to everyone in Copenhagen for allowing us to hang in your…

July 20, 2009 News

Track Listing Boys and Girls (Leak Central #27)

That Was Just Your LifeThe End Of The Line Broken, Beat & Scarred The Day That Never Comes All Nightmare Long Cyanide The Unforgiven III The Judas Kiss Suicide & Redemption My Apocalypse

July 23, 2008 News

When darkness falls, May it be

Did you miss us Leipzig? It's been 9 years since we were last here! Tonight's show started off with Hardwired, Atlas, Seek, Straw, Fade, and now Dead. Confusion is next!

April 30, 2018 Tour Journal

Jump in the Studio!

As we previously reported on May 1st Metallica is now back in the studio. As promised we are bringing you exclusive shots from the heart of the recording studio. The pictures below were taken on May 22. We are working on getting you more regular updates so keep on checking back....

Everyone, including the video documentary crew, hard at work

Got some new cool lyrics there James?

The view from the control room

All photos: Niclas Swanlund

Billboard: Metallica, Afghanistan National Institute of Music Named 2018 Polar Music Prize Laureates

The seminal metal band Metallica and the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) and its founder/director Dr. Ahmad Sarmast have been named the Laureates for the 2018 Polar Music Prize, to be presented by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on June 14. The announcement was made Wednesday (Feb. 14) morning at Stockholm City Hall by Alfons Karabuda, chairman of the Polar Music Prize award committee.

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February 14, 2018 In the Press

Track Two – Moth Into Flame

We’re back!! Welcome to track number two from Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, “Moth Into Flame.” As some of you accurately predicted, we gave it the first public spin while hanging out with our great friend Howard Stern this morning in his New York studio. Sitting and chatting with Howard is one our favorite things to do and we were honored that he offered to play it first and let us perform a few additional songs live while we were there. We’re also excited to debut the corresponding video directed by Tom Kirk of Muse fame.

September 26, 2016 News

Now that we’re dead, my dear

It has been a long 8 years since Metallica played the Telenor Arena in Oslo! And these fans were more than ready when the band took the stage! Set started off with Hardwired, Atlas, Seek, Motorbreath, Sanitarium, and Now That We're Dead is playing. Confusion is next!

May 2, 2018 Tour Journal

The Night Before

The sold-out stadium, with another 340,000+ around the world watching online, connected with an old school Metallica vibe for a roll-back-the-years metal revival which onstage showed that this lot must have done a deal with the guy downstairs because Metallica looked, and felt, completely ageless, timeless and as alive and relevant as ever. Yeah, yeah, platitudes you cry, but you only have to look back over the footage which is already out there, and let your own eyes and ears decide. They were sharp, razor sharp, yet with a warm and “welcome-to-the-shindig-raging kegger” vibe.

February 7, 2016 News

Anmelder jubler over Metallica: Majestætisk!

Se, det er sgu fristende efter en SÅ overbevisende og så veloplagt en opvisning selv efter så mange år simpelthen at udråbe Metallicas koncert lørdag aften i Royal Arena til én af de bedste, man i Danmark nogensinde har oplevet med Hetfields herrehold.

Men da jeg de sidste 30 år har oplevet et antal Metallica koncerter, så jeg gennem årene og fremdeles er blevet fremhævet som et skrækeksempel på hvor galt det kan gå på adfærdsterapeuternes årskonference, vil jeg i første omgang ”nøjes” med at konstatere følgende:

Dette var den bedste Metallica koncert, det har været min lykke at opleve siden bandets legendariske 2003 optræden på Roskilde Festival, og koncerten var med afstand bedre end Metallicas tre første show i Royal Arena tidligere på året.

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September 4, 2017 In the Press

The Official WorldWired 2017 Asian Tour Wrap-Up

The first part of WorldWired 2017 kicked off in Asia – Seoul, South Korea to be precise. The tour was always going to be not only a valuable reconnection with fans and friends in Asia who Metallica has seen before but also a chance to break bread in that most wonderful way with NEW cities and thus NEW experiences. It was also a chance to work through HTSD material for the stage, as well as tweak and tuck elements of the live production.

January 25, 2017 News

Metallica in 3D?

Happy New Year!!! As you know, we generally make it a policy not to comment on gossip or rumors, but we also pride ourselves on being first with 'Tallica news. So, with that said, the more astute of you may have noticed a couple of mentions in trade publications, and most recently in the new issue of Rolling Stone, that a Metallica 3D movie is in the works. We're here to tell you that, yes, there is indeed a 3D project in the very early stages of production! We wish we could tell you more right now, but we don't have all the finer points nailed down just yet. What we can tell you is that we are planning on being in a theatre near you sometime in 2013 and as you hear us say ever so often, this will be the space for all the details as we finalize them.

Welcome to 2012... we're pretty psyched about the year ahead!

January 6, 2012 News

Marin Movie Night

Tickets are now available through the California Film Institute. Our apologies for the delay.

The Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, CA is the area's premier theatre screening independent films as part of the California Film Institute, who bring us the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival each Fall. In celebration of the Smith Rafael Film Center's ten-year anniversary, they have asked Bay Area artists and filmmakers to present films that they love or have special significance for them as part of The Films of My Life series. The series has brought out local luminaries including actor and director Sean Penn, novelist Isabell Allende, director Andrew Stanton and other noted authors and filmmakers, who have each shown one of their favorite movies.

Well guess what, the nice people at the Smith Rafael Film Center and CFI have invited Lars, our resident film enthusiast, to…