St Anger Video Unleashed

Update May 28: Video added

VIDEO: Click here

The St. Anger video that was filmed at San Quentin State Prison will be unleashed to the world on Tuesday May 27th. Metallica and directors the Malloy Brothers spent 18 hours at the "BIG HOUSE" last month to film the title track. The video was shot with the band performing at various locations throughout the compound. From outside, during the prisoners lunch break, to inside the cell block. This video is truly unique...

MTV2 will debut the video at Noon (12 pm EST) and air it every hour on the hour till 9 pm EST. The video will then premiere on MTV at 11:30 pm EST immediately following "Jackass." In addition to the video, the title track, St. Anger, will also drop like a ton of bricks in your favorite radio station's lap Tuesday. Over and out.

Metallica Rocks the Fillmore: Night Four

.Death Angel are screaming and roaring as we enter the building, and I gotta tell ya, I like to hear Death Angel scream and roar like that, it's a fine thing, a good thing, a righteous noise and I hope we hear more of it sooner than later.

Being the last night, the friends and family area upstairs is packed, and the friends and family area downstairs is packed too. Night 4. Could've done 14. But we're grateful for the quartet, right? In the tight, tight backstage area, I can sense that this is not a night for anybody who doesn't need to be there, thus I take off for the plum viewing point that is Big Mick's soundboard and settle in as the old 'good, bad and ugly' kicks offand it will kick off (I've seen the set-list and tonight is gonna be a marathon endeavor of speed, power and aggression. There'll be no 'arena-type set' here tonight! Indeed, this promises to be the 'fuck you!'…

Metallica Rocks the Fillmore: Night Three

just spent the day at HQ listening to something Ill be telling you about in detail shortly! Smiles were still around, people were still happy but there seemed a more business type approach to the day, what with more press and then everyone focused on getting St. Anger (title track not the full album) in the pocket for tonights show.

I arrived at The Fillmore in time to catch opening act Depressor (I missed the bluesy combo of Andrew and Flemmings band, sorry guys,I heard it was very cool and hopefully another time) but allow me to make mention of these palso Kirk, these sludgy, heavy monolithic, Venomoid, death metallee, industrio- Godfleshian beasts. This the music your mother warned you about, or should I say, warned you not to play in her house or shed kick you out! Which (of course) means they were great and we need to hear more of them.

The Flaming Androids

Really, whats…

St Anger Updates

St. Anger Commercial: Click here.

We are mere weeks away from the release of St. Anger, and we have some updates. St. Anger will be a 2-disc set (CD of music, DVD of rehearsals) packaged in a tri-fold digipack. Included in the digipack will be a 4-color, 28 page booklet with lyrics, a sneak peak at the Metallica video game currently in development (scheduled to be released late 2004/early 2005), and your link to some other Met goodies on the web. The album will now feature only one cover (4 covers? What were we thinking?!?!?).

Check out this clip about the making of the record, you might see bits and pieces of it on the tube in the next few weeks...

St. Anger EPK video

The first song to go on the radio will be the title track, St. Anger. The video for St. Anger will make it's debut later this month, the same day we put music in those radio guy's hands.

St. Anger hits the streets all…

Metallica Rocks the Fillmore: Night Two

Wow, its turnin into one big shindig here. Friends everywhere and I mean everywhere, from the front of the stage to the back of the balcony, there are faces we know and people weve seen and friends and people we know but cant remember and people we know weve seen and who we remember, all of that and more!

But I digress, so back to business and first things firstI read someone ask last night about the whole did they rehearse for this thing. The answer is not really. Because these are their rehearsals. Thats why there are the odd few mistakes, the occasional mishap, the sorts of things that people who are short on confidence get aggravated with, but the sorts of things that people who are happy get over quickly.

Its funny, because Im never too sure if the guys realize the control they have over the atmosphere in a building (n.b to self, must ask them that one day) but theres no…

Metallica Rocks the Fillmore: Night One

Let's start with random words, because listen, this was a really, really unique and random kind of night. Heavy. Energy. Fast. Passionate. Happy. Loose. Good. Roaring. Energy. Where do I stop? I don't want to. And frankly, I don't think they wanted to either tonight...because believe it when I tell you that I firmly believe this is the most fun this band has had playing live for a decade, maybe even more, but let's begin with a decade.

This was the turbo-charged set. the high-octane one. The one that suggested to me Metallica have been kind of 'cruising' for years prior to now. You can't truely recognize how hungry they can be until seeing them wanna wolf these moments down like the first meal after a starvation diet, and tonight these chaps were stuffing themselves, gorging themselves silly on the ferocious energy generated between themselves and the loudest audience I've ever…


Update May 16: Here's 30 seconds of St. Anger!

Frantic: 30 second preview: Windows Media Player I Real Player

St. Anger: 30 second preview: Windows Media Player I Real Player

May is no longer just a three letter word, it's now "MAYTALLICA!" Metallica has hooked up with radio stations across the United States to bring you this massive event. Each station has their own special promotions - you could win a trip to see Metallica play at the Fillmore, a brand new Metallica-ized truck, Summer Sanitarium tickets, t-shirts, Fan Club memberships and more. Along with "Maytallica" special promotions, each station will broadcast recent interviews with the band members and of course the best part - NEW MUSIC FROM ST. ANGER!!! Look for your home town station in the list below, and if your local station is not participating, you may want to check some other stations' web sites - they just might be…

MTV:Icon Metallica Air Times

Update May 6: While you are gearing up for mtv:ICON METALLICA, why not watch all those cool commercials you have been missing. Exclusively right here!!

Here are the air times for mtv:ICON METALLICA

All times are EST/PST

Tuesday May 6 2003 9:00 PM Wednesday May 7 2003 06:00 PM Friday May 9 2003 2:00 PM Saturday May 10 2003 5:30 PM Sunday May 11 2003 1:30 PM Sunday May 11 2003 8:30 PM

Metallica = Icons?

OK..OK..WE know what happened at mtvICON will you on Tuesday, May 6th.

Did we see a snake pit filled with KRAZY CLUBBERS??? Did Avril Lavigne play Fuel? Sum 41 a cool medley? Jim Breuer impersonating the boys? Snoop Dogg rap-rocking? Korn playing One song? Limp Bizkit playing Sanitarium? Numerous friends telling their 'Tallica stories? Did we see Metallica play a kick ass medley? Did they play a short clip of a new song? Maybe we will have to tune in to MTV yourself on Tuesday. Here are a few pics to pass the time until then!

MTV:Icon 2003

Tomorrow, Saturday May 3rd, MTV will be taping their annual mtvICON. Metallica are very honored to be selected for this years ICON. The band spent the evening rehearsing for tomorrows event.

The show will premiere on MTV on May 6th from 9:00 - 10:30pm ET/PT. More info about the show can be found HERE. As always, you can trust to cover all the action...Keep checking back.

Live at San Quentin

I noticed him standing there, shirtless, back to me, heavily tattooed. He was a skinhead, as in no hair. He wore a huge, immovable grin and black wrap sunglasses. One of the guards told me he was a lifer (in jail for life, no chance of parole). The initials FTW were tattooed onto the nape of neck. Fuck The World. I doubted he was prone to outbursts of immovable grinning, or any displays of happiness come to think of it. Of course this man was excited that Metallica was here, but more than anything I sensed he was enjoying an all-too-rare feeling of being proud. Proud that theyd offered to do a show for the inmates. Proud that theyd donated $10,000 towards the San Quentin Giants baseball field, about 400 ft opposite the makeshift stage in the main exercise yard. But more than anything, I sensed that he was proud theyd volunteered to offer a little bit of relief from an endless…

On Parole

Update May 1: The boys are on their way back to SQ for their one hour show. We have a short video from yesterday. Enjoy!

As previously reported, Metallica decided to shoot the video for the title track, "St. Anger", at The Big House - San Quentin State Prison. Here we are, back at Metallica HQ, after spending the last 18 hours at San Quentin. I think I am not only speaking for myself when I say that today's visit made a huge impression on everyone. There were many raw emotions going around between band members, crew, correctional officers, and inmates.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of Metallica shows all over the world and numerous video shoots. Today's event will definitely go down in Metallica history. The band entered the prison around 7am this morning. When they took their first steps on the prison grounds, they looked at each other and knew this would not be just another…

Metallica Behind Bars

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 30th, the band will shoot a video for the title track of their upcoming album, "St. Anger". This will be the first track from the album going out to… wherever the fuck it goes out to.

The location will not be your normal-run-of-the-mill place. Metallica is headed to the big house, not just any big house, but THE BIG HOUSE, San Quentin State Prison, spitting distance from Metallica HQ. In exchange for using the grounds, the band will perform an hour long set the next day, Thursday, for the – eh – captive audience.

The boys will be working with the Malloy Brothers to direct the video. Malloy Brothers have previously worked with, among others, the Foo Fighters, 311, plus developing and filming their own brand of Surf Movies. will be there both days covering these exclusive, once in a lifetime events.

April 30, 2003 News

Metallica Brings in the Ball

The boys will be hosting the debut of MTV2's new "Headbanger's Ball." The show will be taped at H.Q. this week (we'll have exclusive photos for you) and will air on Saturday, May 10 at 10:00 PM.

April 28, 2003 News

Metallica Will Play Three Shows in One Day

Rather than taking the day off after St. Anger is released, the Four Horsemen will be pushing it to the extreme, playing 3 shows in one day!! Where is this historic set of events taking place you ask? PARIS, FRANCE! Small quantities of tickets will be available to the general public on May 26. June 11th 2003: The first stop on this 3-trek-one-day tour is La Boule Noire. Show time is 1pm. The next stop is Le Bataclan at 6pm. And the third and final stop is Le Trabendo, which starts at 10pm.
April 26, 2003 News

Shhhhh! Top Secret Shows Coming

Here's the full scoop: Metallica will be playing four FREE shows at the world famous Fillmore in San Francisco on May 18th, 19th, 21st, and 22nd. The only way you can be there is to win FREE tickets through the Official Metallica Fan Club (contest over), or by listening to your local radio station. (Not all stations will have tickets) will be there in full force covering this extraordinary event. Stay tuned.....

April 24, 2003 News

St. Anger Cover Art

Allright, the fucking cover art and new logo are done, baby! Check it out!!? What do you think? We are pretty fucking psyched. Pushead is back doing what he does best, 'TALLICA shit.

As we are speaking, the idea is to do a limited print run of 3 other color options for your choosing and viewing pleasure. We are still finalizing the exact specific details to this multiple cover run. But we wanted to give you the visuals first, so hot off the press they are still sizzzzzling!

As usual, we will keep you posted. Love, the Boys

April 16, 2003 News

Win Tickets to MTV:Icon

For all the details, and to place your bid, click the link.

This experience was kindly donated by MTV Networks to the T.J. Martell Foundation for auctioning. All proceeds of this charity fundraising auction go towards leukemia, cancer, and AIDS research. Donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law and the winner will receive a tax receipt.

April 15, 2003 News

St. Anger is Finished

Yesterday we finished work on our tenth album (eighth studio album) titled "St. Anger." We are looking forward to sharing the new music with the world June 9th in Europe, June 10th everywhere else.

Produced by Bob Rock, the album was recorded at our San Rafael Headquarters. In addition to the eleven tracks on "St. Anger," the package will include a free DVD of live rehearsal recordings of all eleven songs, also captured at HQ.

Here are the eleven official song titles, clocking in at just over 75 minutes:

Frantic St. Anger Some Kind of Monster Dirty Window Invisible Kid My World Shoot Me Again Sweet Amber Unnamed Feeling Purify All Within My Hands

Artwork is now being finalized... details coming soon. Watch this space for more info . . .

April 9, 2003 News

Jump in the Studio - Now

Today, Friday April 4th, Metallica will record the second part of the free bonus DVD that will come with St. Anger. will be following the event, with a webcam (no audio, still pics refreshing every 10 seconds). We will also have pics & updates through out the day & night!

April 4, 2003 News