Bonus Shows Announced

Metallica has once again shown the music industry the definition of band/fan loyalty. After 4 hours of music from Korn, Kid Rock, System of a Down, and Powerman 5000, Lars Ulrich, Jason Newsted, and Kirk Hammett took the Stage to announce that James Hetfield would not be making it to the show.

Lars then went on to explain that not only was the crowd going to see a one of a kind jam session, but that Metallica will also play another show for everyone in attendance.

The fans attending the shows were then treated to a spectacular show, with highlights including Korn's Jonathan Davis on lead vocals for Metallica's "One," and Kid Rock taking the mic for Metallica's cover of Bob Seger's, "Turn the Page."

James was unable to perform at the shows in Atlanta, Sparta and Dallas and Metallica have now confirmed "bonus shows" that will take place in Dallas (TX), Atlanta (GA) and Lexington…

Metallica at the House of <s>Blues</s> Metal!

Metallica did a "secret gig" at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood in front of 1,000 surprised contest winners. They participated in the Miller Genuine Draft's "Blind Date" competition. They played a 90-minute set:

So What Fuel For Whom the Bell Tolls Fade to Black Sad But True No Leaf Clover King Nothing I Disappear Turn the Page One Nothing Else Matters Enter Sandman Die, Die My Darling

Lars Appears at the US Senate

Mr. Chairman, Senator Leahy, Members of the Committee, my name is Lars Ulrich. I was born in Denmark. In 1980, as a teenager, my parents and I came to America. I started a band named Metallica in 1981 with my best friend James Hetfield. By 1983 we had released our first record, and by 1985 we were no longer living below the poverty line. Since then, we've been very fortunate to achieve a great level of success in the music business throughout the world. It's the classic American dream come true. I'm very honored to be here in this country, and to appear in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Earlier this year, while completing work on a song for the movie Mission Impossible-2, we were startled to hear reports that a work-in- progress version was already being played on some U.S radio stations. We traced the source of this leak to a corporation called Napster.…

James Sidelined

Yes, you read/heard/second-hand heard everything correctly: Metallica headlined the Georgia Dome to 50-odd thousand people. They did it with about a dozen guest frontmen, they did it with System of a Down's Darren Malakian playing some superb guitar on 'Sanitarium' amongst others. There were, indeed, over a dozen young ladies and Korn's DJ scratching during 'Enter Sandman.' And yes, James Hetfield wasn't in the building, though he made a mighty effort to be, believe me! Bizarre? Most certainly? Anarchy? Judging by the masses of folks sprawled all over the stage cheering, laughing and jamming with Hammett, Ulrich and Newsted, that would be most accurate. And did it work? Well, after 90 minutes of unpredictable-off-the-cuff yet totally successful set-jamming, 48,557 people were still cheering at the end, doubtless delighted to have received this 'extra' set as well as the free…

Metallica Plays the Experience Music Project

Metallica spent 45-odd minutes showing people what's really important (the music) the performance (their forte) and the energy (theirs naturally). It was a vintage retort to all that forgot what they do: 'Enter Sandman' sounded angry, venomous, the result of a few extra months pent up frustration, and then 'Bells' ripped in off the back, everyone throwing their excess baggage and bullshit into the old classic. You know that James is ready to rumble, that Kirk is on the money and that Jason has a personal mission to uphold the live cause. But it has to be said that when Lars is on it, everyone is happier... and believe it, happiness was abundant at the EMP.

A brilliant twist in 'King Nothing' saw a whisper of Nirvana's 'Come As You Are' paying a natural, and well-placed, respect to one of Seattle's most important musical figures, and then came a particularly brutal 'Battery.' It…

Introducing Castor Virgil Hetfield

We have another Hetfield on the Earth!!! Today, May 18, 2000, the world welcomed Castor Virgil Hetfield at 3:23 PM. He's a big boy at nine pounds and six ounces, and 22 1/2 inches long. Mom and son are doing great.

I Disappear

The newest Metallica song, "I Disappear," is the lead track on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack. The soundtrack hits stores on May 9th. The film stars Tom Cruise, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, Ving Rhames and Dougray Scott, is directed by John Woo and hits theaters in North America on May 24th. The video for the song was filmed this week in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Utah and was directed by Wayne Isham.

Grammy Winners

Metallica added another Grammy Award to their collection tonight. This one is for "Whiskey In The Jar." This was Metallica's fifth Grammy.

New Shows Announced

12.28.99 - Miami, FL12.29.99 - St Petersburg, FL12.31.99 - Detroit, MI1.01.00 - Cleveland, OH1.03.00 - Milwaukee, WI1.04.00 - Chicago, IL1.05.00 - Chicago, IL1.07.00 - Minneapolis, MN1.09.00 - Minneapolis, MN1.10.00 - Minneapolis, MN

Symphony Review

The press releases stated Metallica would be Metallica and the Symphony would be the Symphony- Metallica stayed true to their word.

When the show was announced many questions were raised, "will it be black tie or black t-shirt?", "Will the boys get dressed up?", and mainly... "How the hell are they going to pull this one off???"

After waiting in the mile long line, complete with religious protesters as free entertainment, we are allowed into the venue where we are led to our seats by an usher who hands each person a complimentary Metallica and the SF Symphony program, complete with set list. Only a few fans came in black tie, but it was the most well behaved Metallica audience I have ever seen- probably due to the lack of alcohol at the show. It was almost as if the crowd was confused about how to act, whether sit or stand, scream or clap politely. Judging by the 14 cameras,…

Metallica's Plans for Y2K

After a sixteen-hour drive, Metallica bassist Jason returned to his home state of Michigan to announce some very special plans for New Year's Eve. Jason teamed up with another Michigan native, guitar hero and rock legend, Ted Nugent at the Pontiac Silverdome in suburban Detroit to announce the "biggest party of the year 2000."

Metallica in concert with Ted Nugent, New Years Eve 1999 (December 31st) at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Both Jason and Ted promise a party to remember.

Of playing with Metallica Nugent says "I'm open for anything, I had a riot when we jammed at The Palace and I think we deserve each other" and adds "I think we ought to jam at midnight."

Whose idea was it to come to Detroit for the show? Ted blames Jason. Jason admits, "it came from the Metallica camp. We wanted to do a big thing, everybody wanted to do a big thing for New Years." "It's always special," Ted says on…

Spring Tour Dates

Tour dates for Metallica's upcoming world tour have finally been officially announced:

April 21 - San Francisco, USA (Berkeley Community Theatre) 22 - San Francisco, USA (Berkeley Community Theatre)

May 2 - Bogota, COLOMBIA (Simon Bolivar Park)4 - Caracas, VENEZUELA (Poliedro)6 - Porto Elegre, BRAZIL (Gigantinho)8 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (Iberapuera)9 - Rio, BRAZIL (Metropolitan)12 - Santiago, CHILE (Velodrome)15 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (Velez Sarsfield)21 - Nurnburg, GERMANY (Rock Im Park) 22 - Nurnburgring, GERMANY (Rock Am Ring) 23 - Eindhoven, HOLLAND (Dynamo Open Air) 25 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC (Strahov Stadium) 26 - Berlin, GERMANY (Waldbuhne) 28 - Stockholm, SWEDEN (Globen) 29 - Oslo, NORWAY (Spektrum)

June 1 - Warsaw, POLAND (Gwardia Stadium) 3 - Budapest, HUNGARY (Margaret Island)5 - Milan, ITALY (Gods of Metal Festival) 7 - Ljubljana, SLOVENIA 9 - Bucharest, ROMANIA…


Two very special Metallica shows will happen at the Berkeley Community Theater on April 21 and 22 in San Francisco, CA. The show will feature Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra as conducted and arranged by Michael Kamen.

Lars says of the show: "What happened was, about a year and a half ago Michael Kamen got in touch with us. Through working with other rock artists of the last ten years like Peter Townsend, Eric Clapton, Kate Bush, Aerosmith and so on, he has done a lot of projects where he has sort of married the world of rock and symphony together. Michael came to us with a proposal of basically taking Metallica's music and marrying it to the San Francisco Symphony with Michael being sort of a middle man conducting it and writing it."

Michael Kamen has previously worked with Metallica on "Nothing Else Matters," he has worked with several other rock bands notably…

Kirk's Surgery

On Friday November 6th whilst in the midst of a European press and promotion tour, Kirk was rushed to a London hospital suffering from severe abdominal pains. Investigation revealed that he was suffering from appendicitis. Within a couple of hours surgeons had performed an appendectomy to remove the cause of the problem. All went well, and after a couple of days rest and recuperation Kirk flew back to San Francisco.

European Promo Tour Diary

Nov 2nd - Promo day in Paris. Highlights - Live TV interview on Canal+, meeting fans and Club members at Fun radio and playing new CD for them.

Nov 3rd - (See Picture) The greeting at Warsaw airport as Lars and Kirk arrived to do promo for Garage Inc.. The band played "The Unforgiven II"! Other highlight of the day was an instore signing session at Warsaw's largest record store. An estimated 250 people were expected to turn up, over 3,000 actually did turn up.

Nov 4th - Quiet but industrious day in Hamburg, doing media interviews.

Nov 5th - Another half day in Hamburg, followed by a flight to England and a Radio One interview.

Garage Inc. Tour Dates

Metallica will perform live at the following locations to support the release of Garage Inc.

November 17 - The Wharehouse - Toronto, Canada November 19 - Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL November 20 - The State Theater - Detroit, MI November 23 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA November 24 - Roseland - New York, NY

Garage Inc. Appearances

Members of Metallica will appear at the following cities to promote the upcoming album, Garage Inc.

European Promo Tour Nov 2 Lars & Kirk in Paris Nov 3 Lars & Kirk in Warsaw Nov 4 Lars & Kirk in Hamburg Nov 5 Lars & Kirk in Hamburg Nov 5 Lars & Kirk in London for movie premiere Nov 6 Lars & Kirk in London Nov 7 Lars in Copenhagen Nov 7 Kirk in Barcelona

South American/Mexico Promo Tour Nov 3 Jason in Sao Paulo Nov 4 Jason in Sao Paulo Nov 5 Jason in Buenos Aires Nov 6 Jason in Buenos Aires Nov 7 Jason in Buenos Aires Nov 9 Jason in Mexico City Nov 10 Jason in Mexico City

Metallica in Bunny Land

Metallica played a 45-minute gig in front of some of the most beautiful women in the world and other celebrities. Not the typical Metalli-crowd.

The setlist was the following:

Die, Die My Darling Fuel King Nothing Turn the Page Wherever I May Roam Until It Sleeps Sad But True Enter Sandman So What