HQ Visit from Cabbie

The guys at HQ were visited yesterday, September 19th, by Cabbie, a DJ from New York's K-Rock. While he was here, he had time to call into his NY studio and give the scoop to his partner-in-crime, Cane. Cabbie got the royal treatment, which included Lars giving him a personally guided tour of the HQ and listening privileges to new tunes. Why was he here? Well, stay tuned, cuz you never know what's gonna happen at HQ!

James & Cabbie listening to some new tunes

September 20, 2002 News

Metallica: The Complete Lyrics Book

Finally all in one place - the first ever book of Metallica lyrics will be available October 1, 2002 with all the lyrics to more than 70 songs. The hardcover book includes an introduction written by Steffan Chirazi, the editor of So What!, Metallica's quarterly Fan Club magazine.

September 18, 2002 News

Surprise & Happy Birthday James

How do you celebrate your 39th year? Well, if a few of your good buddies have their way, behind the wheel of your '55 Chevy Bel Air at Sears Point Raceway, smoking your tires at the business-end of the drag-strip which has been held for your exclusive use for the best part of an afternoon. James Hetfield has just those types of buddies, which is why on Tuesday August 6th (James birthday is on Aug 3rd), some close friends and family got together to watch Papa Het and friends burn rubber, push gaskets and floor accelerators in the quest for best time of the day.

Nice Lineup

Does this one have an engine?

Was James happy? Well we couldn't really tell 'cos he seemed to have trouble getting words out through his huge, four hour ear-to-ear grin, but judging by the amount of times he floored both his Bel Air and Chevy Camaro (the latter was the stunt car in 'I Disappear') we'd say…

Jump in the Studio

METALLICA is back in the studio recording their new album. The band has extended a personal invitation to each and every one of you to follow along in the recording process.

Features of the Jump In The Studio section will include: exclusive photos, video clips, continuous reports, and a chat room where you can chat it up with our "In The Studio" reporter and maybe even a few "special guests."

So come on... JUMP IN THE STUDIO.

ReLaunch Party Video

Exactly three weeks ago on July 6, Metallica threw a party for approx 100 lucky contest winners. They were invited to the Metallica HQ in San Francisco. 10 lucky Grand Prize winners spent the afternoon on a bus together with the band as their tour guides.

Would you trust these guys as your tour guides?

Of course we can't forget about Andrew and Elena, that won the bass player audition and got to be members in Metallica for the night! The band then decided to play for another hour, this time with Bob Rock on bass. The setlist included everything from old stuff, covers to the brand new tune Dead Kennedy Rolls (working title).

100 people in the crowd at this gig

"It was so fuckin' cool to be amongst it again, to connect with you motherfuckers again, to share some music, some laughs, some love, some insults and a few beverages", was Lars' comment a few days after the party.

Faster than…

Metallibash 2

On July 13th, in San Francisco's magnificent Great American Music Hall, the second annual Metallibash, all organized and presented by the fans, rip-roared through a very cool, very relaxed and very very fun evening of Metallimemories, moments and the occasional flash of (good natured) Metallimadness. Approximately 350 people came from all over the globe to celebrate their respect and appreciation for the guys, in the process further renewing mutual respect for each other as hard core fans.

MetalliBash 2002

Amidst the swag, raffle prizes, tapes and cocktails, there was time (about two hours of it!) for audience members to ask invited guests from the Metallica Fan Club staff including Toby Stapleton, Merchandise Manager and Steffan Chirazi, "So What!" (the official fan club mag) Editor, as well as Lonn Friend, Editor of former mighty metal mag "Rip Magazine" a slew of questions about…

Win a Day in the Studio With Metallica

UPDATE: Winning bid in the amount of $23,200 by an anonymous bidder.

Didn't win an invite to the Launch Party? Still want to hang with Metallica in their studio? Here's your chance. Metallica has teamed up with the T.J. Martell Foundation to raise funds for charity by offering an entire day in the studio with the band and Bob Rock for auction on ebay. In addition to the day in the studio and dinner with the band, the winner will receive airfare for two and hotel accommodations in San Francisco for two nights. For all the details, and to place your bid, click here.

Hurry - the auction ends on July 19, 2002.

The T.J. Foundation has dedicated 25 years to raising funds for innovative research for the treatments and cures of leukemia, cancer and AIDS. Of every dollar raised, $.93 goes to life saving research and development. Visit http://www.tjmartellfoundation.org for more information.

ReLaunch Party - Update from Lars

Monday morning, Ten and change

Motherfucker Motherfucker

My arm feels worse today than it did yesterday - what's with that?!? It's now 36 hours post-bash and I just wanted to give a big "fuck yeah" to everybody who came to the shindig, everybody who partook on the web and everybody who was plain just there in spirits. It was so fuckin' cool to be amongst it again, to connect with you motherfuckers again, to share some music, some laughs, some love, some insults and a few beverages.

A big "fuck yeah" also to all of you who were brave enough to come up and throw down some bass jams and kudos to Andrew and Elena who led us into "Creep" & "Seek" and borderline had to show US what the fuck to do! Playing for you AGAIN was so fuckin' special - especially in that kind of intimate set up. I'll have to admit I was a bit intimidated, and I'll have to remember to fuckin' warm up next time! Cuz…

Swizz Beatz, Ja Rule and Metallica

It really will be released this year! The long talked about collaboration of Metallica with Ja Rule will finally be released on Dec 10, 2002. The song, "We Did It Again", is part of the Swizz Beatz album G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories also featuring songs with Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Lil' Kim, Eve, among others.

Swizz Beatz explains how the unlikely pair hooked up: "I knew I wanted to do a rock 'n' roll track and I knew I wanted to get the biggest act possible to do it, but I never thought in a million years that I'd be working with Metallica on this. They had two songs already that I really liked. I took those and combined them into one song. Then I called Ja Rule and told him I needed him to be on what could be the biggest song of his career. I told him to guess who he'd be working with on it and he was naming all these people he thought it was and finally, I said, "It's Metallica," and…

A Busy Week for Metallica

Damn, things in 'Tallica land have been heating up lately and this week was no exception. From working on the Ramones tracks, to a secret gig in San Francisco in front of 100 people, to a NEW SONG played at that secret gig.

100 people in the crowd at this gig

Then the guys decided to jump in the Fan Club's chatroom and spend some time with the 20 unsuspecting fans in there. They were talking about everything from movies, bass players, how the new material sounds, to revealing the working title for the NEW song that was played the day before ("Dead Kennedy Rolls").

They are asking us what?

In the upcoming week, we will have more exclusive pictures from all of these happenings. In the meantime, here is an EXCLUSIVE Metallica.com video featuring clips from the secret gig earlier this week! How about "Hit the Lights" and "Leper Messiah"? The video would of course not be complete without…

Spun - Live at Kimo's

"Damn, I have not seen that much gear being loaded in to this place before" was the first thing the bartender of Club Kimo's in San Francisco said while one of the opening acts were loading in their gear. The band with all the extra accessories was called SPUN and no one really seemed to have any information about them. Around 11pm SPUN hit the stage and introduced themselves as "Hi, we are Bob's band". Now the cat was definitely out of the bag as the surprised crowd recognize their hometown boys.

Bob's Band?

SPUN consisted of Bob Rock (on bass), James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett. The band started by busting out four Ramones songs: "Commando," "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World," "53rd & 3rd," and "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue." "That was our little tribute to the Ramones" said James with a grin.

"Hey close your eyes, we've got a surprise" he continued, and looked back…

Jump in the Studio!

As we previously reported on May 1st Metallica is now back in the studio. As promised we are bringing you exclusive shots from the heart of the recording studio. The pictures below were taken on May 22. We are working on getting you more regular updates so keep on checking back....

Everyone, including the video documentary crew, hard at work

Got some new cool lyrics there James?

The view from the control room

All photos: Niclas Swanlund

Ramones Tribute

Metallica is in the studio working on their new record, and as rumored on other sites, it's true that they are also working on a track to contribute to the upcoming Ramones tribute record. When Kirk was asked by his friend Johnny Ramone if the band would do a song, the yes part of the answer was easy. Now comes the hard part - picking a song! The guys have jammed on eight songs, narrowed it down to four, but still haven't made the final decision yet. No, they won't tell us what the front runners are - we'll just have to get back to you after they pick one.

Bob (Rock), James, Lars and Kirk in the studio May 2002

Launch Party is Re-Launched

Last year Metallica.com held a contest to celebrate the launch of the new website. 110 lucky winners were drawn. What was the prize? Well, 10 of those were Grand Prize winners who received a paid trip to San Francisco, as well as an exclusive tour of the coolest 'Tallica spots guided by the boys themselves, have dinner with them, and then join the official launch party at night. The remaining 100 winners got an invitation to this exclusive launch party. Did we mention that there was also going to be bass player auditions at the party? Some lucky fan would have had the chance to be Metallica's bass player for one night and one night only. Well, as you probably heard, the party was postponed, BUT now the band is back and ready to make good on all of their promises.

The party for all of the lucky winners is rescheduled and will take place on Saturday, July 6, 2002 and is to be held…

High Maintenance!

Last night at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco, Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas played their last of three shows. In the middle of the show Sammy invited his friend and Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony on stage. They played a few Van Halen songs and got the crowd goin'. After that he asked Michael:

"Hey Michael, do you remember who was on the Monsters of Rock tour with us? Let's see...it was Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Kingdom Come, and then it was...... METALLICA!"

Historic jam last night at the Fillmore

Suddenly, Lars and Kirk walk on stage and the crowd's ecstatic roar would not end. Sammy introduced the band as "High Maintenance" (an inside joke). They kicked into 4 songs from the first Montrose album (Sammy Hagar's first band) - Rock the Nation, Space Station #5, Rock Candy, and Bad Motor Scooter. The "High Maintenance" band consisted of: Sammy Hagar - Vocals,…

The Boys Are Back...

In the studio, that is. Metallica entered their Northern California studio today to resume work recording their eighth original album. Full details and photos to come.

James on Upcoming Gov't Mule Release

As Metallica prepares to enter the studio, you can get an early taste of Hetfield as James performs with Gov't Mule on the track "Drivin' Rain" from an upcoming multi-artist album titled Crank It Up. MCA Records, in a joint venture with NASCAR and Fox Sports, will be releasing the album in North America on May 21, 2002. With cars and driving as the theme, the record features new recordings and remixes not found anywhere else by Buckcherry, Tantric, Fear Factory, Static X, Slipknot, Slayer, Staind, Les Claypool, Rob Zombie, and others.

Metallica Pays Tribute to Aerosmith

Today in Los Angeles, April 14th, MTV was taping their latest episode of "mtv:ICON." This show is a tribute to the legendary band Aerosmith. James, Lars, and Kirk were there to show their appreciation of the group and to give testimonials on what Aerosmith has meant to them as a band and as people. This was the first public appearance of Metallica since James Hetfield's exit from rehab.

The event was held at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA. On the way to the event I rode with Kirk and he was preparing his speech. I could see the excitement in his eyes: "Damn, I am running out of paper, I've got so many things I want to say." He was talking about how much of an impact Aerosmith has had on him and said, "I saw them in 1978 at the Day On The Green festival in Oakland and that changed my life. They blew everyone else on the bill away, including AC/DC and Van Halen."


Do You Call This an Update?

Last Friday we bumped into Lars and Kirk. We thought this would be a great time to get an update from them about what is going on in 'Tallica-land. By asking a serious question, of course we did not receive a serious answer. Even though we did not get any real Metallica news, we still wanted to share this video with you all. Please do not take it too seriously, 'cause we don't!

We have some news for YOU guys (yeah right...)

Another Update from James

In the latest issue of the Met Club Magazine, So What!, there is an update from James... a handwritten note. We thought we share it with the rest of the world.