Music Week: "There's nobody even close to them": Q Prime's Peter Mensch talks about Metallica's record-breaking 2017

In the new issue of Music Week, we take a look at metal giants Metallica’s triumphant 2017. The band released Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, their double-disc 10th album, back in November 2016 and it has since gone on to shift 138,453 copies to date, according to Official Charts Company data, as well as help them break attendance records on their October UK arena tour.

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December 14, 2017 In the Press

Guitar World: Metallica, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold, August Burns Red Nominated for Grammys

Metallica, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold and August Burns Red are among the nominees for the 60th annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on January 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Metallica have scored nominations for Best Rock Song ("Atlas, Rise!") and Best Rock Album (Hardwired... To Self-Destruct), while Foo Fighters picked up nominations for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song, both for the Concrete and Gold single, "Run."

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November 28, 2017 In the Press

Paste Magazine: Metallica: Master of Puppets Deluxe Boxed Set Review

There’s nothing more lame than a cash grab from a band of millionaires or a greedy record label. Using several methods to accomplish this—greatest hits albums, reissues featuring “one new” track, remastered classic albums featuring “long lost” demos, or even re-recording a full album “the way it should’ve been”—these fat cats can hold devoted fans upside down by their ankles and shake every last penny out of their pockets. Naturally, loyal fans would gladly fork it over, but sometimes examining every last piece of the puzzle that went into creating a definitive album only serves to take the mystique away from it.

But then there are bands like Metallica, and records like Master Of Puppets.

For Metallica, the Puppets era is hands down the most important stretch of their career. Releasing a boxed set of demos, outtakes, interviews, multiple live sets and even Jason Newsted…

November 16, 2017 In the Press

Billboard: Metallica's 'Master of Puppets': Metal Musicians Reflect on the Band's Game-Changing Third Album

Released on March 3, 1986, Metallica’s Master of Puppets was the album that cracked the 1980s in half for metal. 

The mad thrashing sound that emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area in the early '80s looked into the vortex of its own evolution when Master arrived. The stunning Don Brautigam cover art -- a painting of giant hands emerging from an ominous red sky holding strings attached to a sea of white cemetery crosses -- was an unforgettable sight, one that instantly articulated the message of the album title.

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November 15, 2017 In the Press

Rolling Stone: See Metallica Talk 'Master of Puppets' for Lars Ulrich's Beats 1 Show

Metallica talk about their 1986 classic Master of Puppets and the album's new reissue in the latest episode of drummer Lars Ulrich's It's Electric Beats 1 radio show.

Apple Music released a series of videos from the episode, which Ulrich taped with James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Master of Puppets co-producer Flemming Rasmussen while on tour in Antwerp, Belgium.

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November 11, 2017 In the Press


"There was no precedent for Master of Puppets," says Kirk Hammett of Metallica's legendary third album. "So in the summer of 1985, when these songs were coming together, it was as if we were being visited by beings from another planet! That's what these songs felt like; they were so unique, and so individual — no one had ever heard anything like this before that. We kind of knew, once we got the group of songs together, that we had a pretty strong pile of material to record."

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November 9, 2017 In the Press

Rolling Stone: Metallica Talk 'Master of Puppets' Reissue, Cliff Burton's Last Show

When Metallica began gathering together everything they had in their vaults to include in a super-deluxe, box-set reissue of their touchstone 1986 LP Master of Puppets, they realized they had a lot more material to work with than on the reissues of their first two albums. "The hardest part of it all was the 'kitchen sink element,'" Lars Ulrich tells Rolling Stone. "There's a certain exaggerated, perverse beauty in just overwhelming people with as much stuff as possible, but there is also some line in the sand somewhere where it just gets to be too much. If we included everything from that time period, you would need a fucking forklift to get this thing into your house."

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November 9, 2017 In the Press


As the first proper cold spell of this year descended on Birmingham, Metallica brought the fire and fury that certainly got the crowd warmed up. It’s been eight long years since the last time the veterans of metal brought their show to the UK (apart from the odd festival appearance) and an even longer 31 years since their very first visit. Even the bus journey from the car park to the Genting Arena was full of stories of the first time people had seen them.

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November 1, 2017 In the Press