Westword: Register Today to Join Metallica's Day of Service

In 2017, Metallica drove its fans into an emotional frenzy at its stadium concerts nationwide. Amid the spectacle, the group launched All Within My Hands, a foundation aimed at giving back to the communities that have shown up for the band over the years.

Through the nonprofit Feeding America, the band made donations to food banks throughout the tour, and this year, Metallica wants to mobilize "the Metallica family" to show up to community food banks and volunteer.

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May 16, 2018 In the Press

Loud and Quiet: Lars Ulrich recounts how Metallica regrouped in 1987 after the death of their friend and bassist

On September 27th, 1987, Metallica were travelling on their tour bus after a gig in Sweden. Shortly before 7am, with the whole crew asleep, they were awoken as the bus veered left to right, throwing the band members around like ricocheting pinballs. The bus then flipped over, landing on its side, as bodies crashed and thudded against smashed glass and broken furniture. There was confusion and chaos and screaming all around as band members crawled out from the bus in the still, dark morning, yelling one another’s names to locate people. Gradually people were found and marked safe and well, with the exception of their bass player, Cliff Burton.

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May 15, 2018 In the Press

MTV:n erikoishaastattelu: Metallican basisti Robert Trujillo sai ensivierailullaan Suomessa pullosta päähän, joutui sairaalaan

Vuonna 2016 julkaistun Hardwired... To Self-Destruct -albumin kiertueella Suomeen saapunut Metallica on esiintynyt Suomessa jo lähes 20 kertaa. Eilinen konsertti Helsingin Hartwall Arenassa oli yhtyeen 18. esiintyminen ja huomenna perjantaina on edessä 19. keikka Suomessa.

Metallican basistiksi 15 vuotta sitten kiinnitetty Robert Trujillo, 53, muistaa hyvin ensimmäisen vierailunsa maassamme vuonna 1989. Tuolloin Trujillo soitti Suicidal Tendencies -nimisessä yhtyeessä, joka esiintyi Giants of Rock -festivaaleilla Hämeenlinnassa Ahveniston moottoriradalla.

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May 10, 2018 In the Press

Billboard: Watch Metallica's Robert Trujillo & Kirk Hammett Cover ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' in Sweden

Some members of Metallica were definitely digging the dancing queen during the band’s Monday concert at Ericsson Globe in Stockholm.

Bassist Robert Trujillo and guitarist Kirk Hammett performed a cover of ABBA’s 1976 smash “Dancing Queen” during their “doodle” solo segment on the 38-date European leg of Metallica’s WorldWired Tour, where the two bandmates take time out from the set list to pay tribute to local legends in various cities.

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May 8, 2018 In the Press


On May 5th, amid the closing dates of their Worldwired Tour's European leg, Metallica stormed into Stockholm, Sweden, for the first of two dates at the city's Ericsson Globe venue. Once again, the thrashers' performance featured a "doodle" — or short cover — from guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo, who've made it their tradition to honor a local artist during the band's mid-set break. This time, the pair paid tribute to Europe with a rugged rendition of the Swedish prog-pop group's 1986 smash "The Final Countdown" — no synths necessary.

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May 7, 2018 In the Press

ESP: Kirk Hammett Custom ESP Raises Over $31,000 for Charity

As a guitar and bass manufacturer, our job is pretty clear cut: make the best instruments we can for every musician's budget and skill level. But sometimes, we get to be a small part of something much bigger. While music itself is said to make the world a better place to live, and we agree with that, there are aspects of life that can't be helped simply through power chords and sweet leads.

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May 7, 2018 In the Press


Metallica stopped off in Oslo, Norway, last night (May 2nd) amid the closing European leg of their WorldWired Tour. As always, the thrashers' performance found guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo honoring a famous local artist during the band's mid-set break by performing a short cover (otherwise known as a "doodle," to borrow the band's preferred phrasing). This time around, the rockers nodded to Oslo new-wave band A-ha with a spirited take on the synth-poppers iconic "Take on Me."

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May 3, 2018 In the Press

DZIENNIK ZACHODNI: Metallica gra Dżem: Wehikuł Czasu w Kraków Tauron Arenie. Wzruszający, śląski akcent na koncercie WIDEO Metallica Dżem

Metallica DŻEM: To był szczególny prezent, zwłaszcza dla fanów ze Śląska! W Pradzie był Jozin z Bazin a w Krakowie.... Wehikuł Czasu Dżemu. Ten filmik na YouTube był już oglądany 1,5 mln razy na całym świecie. Zobaczcie koniecznie. Metallica przygotowała niespodziankę dla fanów w Tauron Arenie. Utwór zapowiedział i zaśpiewał basista Robert Trujillo. To trzeba zobaczyć. Metallica: Wehikuł Czasu. Śląski akcent na koncercie w Polsce. Szukajcie się na zdjęciach!

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May 1, 2018 In the Press

Bild: Harte Rocker mit Herzen für Arme

München – Raue Schale, großes Herz für Arme. So haben sich jetzt die Rocker von Metallica in München präsentiert.

Vor ihrem ausverkauften Konzert in der Olympiahalle übergab das US-Quartett einen Scheck über 14 250 Euro an die Münchner Tafel. „Metallica ist eine sehr sozial eingestellte Band. Sie unterstützen bei jedem Konzert örtliche soziale Projekte“, so Tafel-Sprecher Gregor Tschung. „Der Veranstalter schlug ihnen auch die Münchner Tafel vor. Wir hatten das Glück ausgewählt zu werden.“

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April 27, 2018 In the Press