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Paste Magazine: Metallica: Master of Puppets Deluxe Boxed Set Review

Nov 16, 2017

There’s nothing more lame than a cash grab from a band of millionaires or a greedy record label. Using several methods to accomplish this—greatest hits albums, reissues featuring “one new” track, remastered classic albums featuring “long lost” demos, or even re-recording a full album “the way it should’ve been”—these fat cats can hold devoted fans upside down by their ankles and shake every last penny out of their pockets. Naturally, loyal fans would gladly fork it over, but sometimes examining every last piece of the puzzle that went into creating a definitive album only serves to take the mystique away from it.

But then there are bands like Metallica, and records like Master Of Puppets.

For Metallica, the Puppets era is hands down the most important stretch of their career. Releasing a boxed set of demos, outtakes, interviews, multiple live sets and even Jason Newsted auditions(!) from said era is not a cash grab, it’s a necessity for Metallica fans who celebrate their career from end to end, or those that believe Metallica has only released four records (raises hand).

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