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Forbes: Metallica Claim The Entire Top 5 Of Billboard’s Weekly Vinyl Sales Chart

Feb 9, 2021

Coming straight from Billboard Charts’ official twitter account, it has been reported that Metallica own the entirety of this weeks top 5 best selling vinyls. In addition, Billboard has stated that this makes Metallica the first artist to claim all top 5 slots of the vinyl sales chart, since the chart’s debut in 2011. The rankings for this week’s top 5 best selling vinyls are as follows:

  1. Ride The Lightning (1984)
  2. Metallica (The Black Album) (1991)
  3. ...And Justice For All (1988)
  4. Kill ‘Em All (1983)
  5. Master of Puppets (1986)

While it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see Metallica show up on a number of Billboard and other album related charts (the Black Album recently was on the Billboard Top 200 for it’s 500th straight week), it is rather peculiar to see the collection of the band’s classic records top the charts all together. On a side note, what’s even more surprising is the sales ranking of this week’s vinyl albums.

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