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Vulture: By Some Sorcery, Metallica Made Whiskey Taste Like How Their New Album Sounds

Jan 6, 2021

Like many, I’ve spent a good chunk of quarantine getting into things I’d meant to for a while, among them metal and whiskey. I usually keep them separate — metal is my motivation on after-work runs, and a cocktail is the reward later in the night — but when I heard about Metallica’s new whiskey for the group’s new album, S&M2, I thought, Why the hell not? I deserve a little music-product tie-in as a treat. This isn’t just some one-off cash grab, though: Metallica has been making whiskey since 2018 through their distillery, Blackened (which shares its name with their song and their record label), and the guys seem to be pretty into it.

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