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mxdwn: Live Stream Review: Metallica Virtual Concert for All Within My Hands

Nov 19, 2020

Split in two, the first half of the show was an acoustic set, which gave the audience a stripped-down brand of Metallica’s usual sound. Frontman James Hetfield sat on a wooden stool with an acoustic guitar perched on his knee, his demeanor nonchalant and casually stoic. He was encircled by the band: Kirk Hammett on electric guitar, Lars Ulrich on drums, Robert Trujillo on bass, as well as guests Avi Vinocur playing the mandolin and Henry Salvia on the keys. A jagged, acoustic version of “Blackened,” which the boys premiered in May, debuted live as the show starter. Born from the ashes of the ’80s on Justice For All, the song’s lyrics still apply to the political and social state of the world decades later. Compiled on the surrounding stage walls, fans are given the chance to attend the show virtually; the boys took a moment between tracks to chat to individual audience members from around the world, creating an intimate and highly interactive experience.

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