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Far Out Magazine: Exploring the genius of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett through 6 isolated guitar tracks

Nov 18, 2020

Metallica’s career has seen the band take metal music to dizzy and unprecedented heights since their formation back in 1981. While Kirk Hammett wasn’t there from the very beginning, his arrival in 1983 was a key moment for the group and, without him, who knows if they would have become the band they are today. Hammett had garnered an immense reputation with his previous band Exodus and, when a vacancy became available in Metallica, there was only one man that they wanted to fill it. This opportunity would occur in May 1983 after Metallica travelled to Rochester to record their debut album Metal Up Your Ass. Then-lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was struggling profusely with his battle with substance abuse and violent tendencies which led to him being fired from the band and, eventually, going on to form Megadeth.

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