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Consequence of Sound: Review: Metallica’s Streaming Benefit Show Mixes Classics with Surprises (Watch Highlights)

Nov 15, 2020

Setting the Stage: Besides being one of the biggest metal bands in the world for decades, Metallica are also one of the most charitable music acts around. Case in point, their All Within My Hands Foundation, which helps those in need throughout the world — providing food to the hungry and assisting with education. This year, the foundation has already donated nearly $1 million to COVID-19 relief and wildfire relief efforts.

On Saturday (November 14th), the band streamed a live performance from their own Metallica HQ in San Rafael, California. Dubbed “Metallica: Helping Hands Concert & Auction, Live & Acoustic from HQ”, all the proceeds from viewers who bought virtual tickets (as well as via donations and auctions) go to the aforementioned foundation. While Metallica are best-known for speedy, chugga-chug-chugging riffs and high volume, they have also always had a more serene side to them – and have never been bashful to strum the acoustics from time to time. As performance’s title indicated, it was advertised an acoustic affair.

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