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SF Chronicle Datebook: Review: Metallica’s first live-streamed benefit concert mostly unplugged but fully incredible

Nov 15, 2020

Even at their quietest, the talent of Metallica is deafening.

On Saturday, Nov. 14, fans from across the globe logged on to watch the Bay Area’s biggest band perform a special, semi-acoustic concert streamed live from the band’s headquarters in San Rafael. The occasion was Metallica’s second annual benefit concert in support of its charity, All Within My Hands.

While 2018’s performance, which also featured Metallica unplugged, took place at the Masonic in San Francisco, COVID-19 restrictions made it necessary for the band to go fully virtual this year. That meant it wasn’t able to host any fans at the gig. Instead, the band had a backdrop of screens featuring the faces of Metallica diehards watching in real-time, which added a notable intimacy to the experience. Tickets ranged from $15 to $95 and included package options for audio downloads or a chance to be on the video wall for a song. (The program is available to rent and stream for 48 hours via

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