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Forbes: Drinking Whiskey With Metallica (Part 1: Lars The Drummer)

Jan 30, 2019

I’m jet-lagged, been awake for two days and in the strange situation of interviewing a rock star drummer and he’s the coherent one. To be fair, with Lars Ulrich, that would also happen on a good day. He’s energetic, intelligent and passionate — my only saving grace with him is knowledge of obscure AC/DC songs. Born in Denmark, the son and grandson of tennis champions, Ulrich moved to California at 17, and went on to form Metallica, one the world’s biggest selling musical acts. The band has just released its own whiskey, called Blackened, and Ulrich’s excitement over the project is mixed in with the grief over the recent death of legendary distiller Dave Pickerell, who brought the project to life.

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