...And On Top of That

A.V. Club: Metallica's Kirk Hammett discusses vintage horror and geek bonding

Oct 5, 2012

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett grew up soaking in hard rock and scary movies, and when he isn't working his day job, he searches for ghoulish memorabilia from films like Creature From The Black Lagoon and Dracula. It's been a private project, but now Hammett's ready to share his massive stash with other outcasts who find comfort in the macabre. Hammett's new photo/essay coffee-table book, Too Much Horror Business, contains images from his vast collection, along with thoughts and reflections about his lifelong obsession. The soft-spoken metal legend recently talked with The A.V. Club about why horror-movie makers are innovators, and whether he'll ever go the Rob Zombie route and make movies of his own.

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