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Rolling Stone: See Jerry Cantrell Reflect on Alice in Chains Reunion With Lars Ulrich

Feb 6, 2019

Alice in Chains vocalist-guitarist Jerry Cantrell reflects on how his band reunited in a new interview with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich for the latter’s Apple Music/Beats 1 radio show It’s Electric. The episode will air on February 10th at 3 p.m. PT. In an exclusive clip from the show, Cantrell says that he felt it was time to get the band back together after Layne Staley’s death once he realized that singer-guitarist William DuVall was the right fit. “We had to think about this,” he says. “This is our life. We created this and just because our friend is not here, it doesn’t mean that this stuff isn’t still alive and still speaks to people and is still our work and we have nothing to be embarrassed about it. We have full ownership. This is us. This is what we do. And it took a while.”

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