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Holy Setlist Shake Up Batman!

So, how about that??? Enter Sandman closed the show! That has not happened much over the last 10 years (the Stones show in 2005, Live Earth in 2007 and the Hall of Fame Anniversary show in 2009 are a few times off the top of our head.) Full setlist is up, pics to come!

Or dying on your feet for honesty

Since Sad, we had Frayed (for the second time ever!) One, Puppetz, and Damage is just about ending. Up next is Fade, and I'll give you a little hint on what's after Fade.... it's NOT Sandman! Stay tuned!

Come trade your darkness for the sun

 Lords Of Summer just finished here at Rock Im Revier. Before that we had King, Disposable, Unforgiven II (first time in concert, second time EVER!) and Cyanide. Sad is on now.

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