Tour Dates / Performances

Date Location Venue Content
6/12/1994 North Swanzey, NH Cheshire Fairgrounds Setlist
7/22/2000 Chicago, IL Chicago Motor Speedway PhotoSetlist
12/12/2008 Ontario, CA Citizens Business Bank Arena PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
9/2/1992 Orlando, FL Citrus Bowl Setlist
7/13/2003 Orlando, FL Citrus Bowl PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
9/19/2013 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil City of Rock PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
8/18/2013 Seoul, South Korea CITYBREAK @ Olympic Park PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
3/26/1997 Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena Setlist
11/21/1991 Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena Setlist
4/5/1997 Providence, RI Civic Center PhotoSetlist
6/14/1992 Mobile, AL Civic Center Setlist
11/27/1991 Omaha, NE Civic Center Setlist
10/29/1991 Peoria, IL Civic Center Setlist
11/18/1991 Ottawa, Canada Civic Center Setlist
3/22/1992 Charleston, WV Civic Center Setlist
3/24/1992 Pensacola, FL Civic Center Setlist
4/16/1992 Hartford, CT Civic Center Arena Setlist
4/4/1997 Hartford, CT Civic Center Arena PhotoSetlist
3/11/1992 Roanoke, VA Civic Center Coliseum Setlist
2/1/2004 Perth, Australia Claremont Showground PhotoSetlist
4/4/2009 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Public Hall PhotoSetlist
1/26/2010 Santiago, Chile Club Hipico PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
5/9/1999 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Clube De Regatas Do Flamengo PhotoSetlist
3/29/1997 Quebec City, Canada Colisee Arena PhotoSetlist
10/31/2009 Quebec City, Canada Colisee Pepsi PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
11/1/2009 Quebec City, Canada Colisee Pepsi PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
3/14/2010 San Juan, Puerto Rico Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
2/9/1993 Moncton, Canada Coliseum Setlist
6/2/1992 Portland, OR Coliseum Setlist
3/31/1992 Richmond, VA Coliseum Setlist
4/10/1992 Hampton, VA Coliseum Setlist
9/27/1992 Los Angeles, CA Coliseum Setlist
5/27/1992 Seattle, WA Coliseum Setlist
5/28/1992 Seattle, WA Coliseum Setlist
3/21/1992 Charlotte, NC Coliseum Setlist
5/6/1992 Pullman, WA Coliseum Setlist
6/1/1992 Portland, OR Coliseum Setlist
11/19/1991 Quebec City, Canada Coliseum Setlist
11/25/1991 Ft. Wayne, IN Coliseum Setlist
3/26/1992 Greensboro, NC Coliseum Complex Setlist
7/15/2000 Los Angeles, CA Collesium PhotoSetlist
12/16/2003 Cologne, Germany Cologne Arena PhotoVideoSetlist
5/12/2009 Hamburg, Germany Colorline Arena PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
7/27/1996 Chandler, AZ Compton Terrace Setlist
8/19/2004 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
9/17/2009 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
10/22/2004 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena PhotoVideoSetlistDownload
4/1/1997 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Arena PhotoSetlist
1/22/1992 San Antonio, TX Convention Center Setlist
6/9/1992 Tucson, AZ Convention Center Arena Setlist
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