Past Tour Dates

Date Location Venue Content
12/15/1983 Chicago, IL Broadway Jack's Setlist
12/14/1983 Madison, WI The Palms
11/26/1983 San Francisco, CA The Stone Setlist
11/25/1983 Berkeley, CA Keystone Setlist
11/24/1983 Palo Alto, CA Keystone
11/18/1983 Bellevue, WA Lake Hills Arena
11/17/1983 Portland, OR Starry Night
11/7/1983 San Francisco, CA The Stone Setlist
11/4/1983 Reseda, CA Country Club Setlist
10/31/1983 Palo Alto, CA Keystone
9/3/1983 San Francisco, CA The Stone
9/2/1983 Berkeley, CA Keystone Setlist
9/1/1983 Palo Alto, CA Keystone Setlist
8/30/1983 Reseda, CA Country Club Setlist
8/29/1983 Los Angeles, CA Perkins Place
8/28/1983 Las Cruces, NM Corbett Center Ballroom Setlist
8/27/1983 Portales, NM Eastern New Mexico University
8/26/1983 Odessa, TX Unknown Venue
8/25/1983 San Antonio, TX Daddy's
8/24/1983 Austin, TX The Nightlife
8/22/1983 Tyler, TX Harvey Hall
8/20/1983 Roland, OK Harry's
8/19/1983 Texarkana, TX Texarkana Community College
8/18/1983 Russellville, AR Tucker Coliseum
8/17/1983 Pine Bluff, AR Pine Bluff Convention Center
8/16/1983 Bald Knob, AR Bald Knob Ampitheatre
8/13/1983 Milwaukee, WI Mickey's
8/12/1983 Chicago, IL Metro Setlist
8/10/1983 Baltimore, MD Coast to Coast Setlist
8/9/1983 Baltimore, MD Seagull Inn Setlist
8/8/1983 Morganville, NJ Sports 9 Skateway
8/7/1983 Long Island, NY Cheers
8/6/1983 Brooklyn, NY L'Amour Setlist
8/5/1983 Elmhurst, NY L'Amour East Setlist
8/4/1983 Rochester, NY Riverboat
8/3/1983 Buffalo, NY Rooftop Skyroom Setlist
8/2/1983 Jamestown, NY Melody Inn
7/31/1983 Boston, MA The Rat
7/30/1983 Boston, MA The Rat
7/29/1983 Yonkers, NY Rising Sun Setlist
7/28/1983 Bridgeport, CT Utopia
7/27/1983 New Brunswick, NJ Royal Manor
5/7/1983 Sayreville, NY Willy's
5/1/1983 Pasadena, MD The Sand Bar
4/24/1983 New York, NY Paramount Theater Setlist
4/22/1983 New York, NY Paramount Theater Setlist
4/16/1983 Dover, NJ The Showplace Setlist
4/9/1983 Brooklyn, NY L'Amour Setlist
4/8/1983 New York, NY Paramount Theater Setlist
3/19/1983 San Francisco, CA The Stone Setlist
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