Riff Life!

The band is off the road, the kids are back in school...things have settled down a bit for 'Tallica fans everywhere. But the same can't be said for all of us at HQ! We keep bringing you new gear, because let's be honest...you guys never rest!

We read the emails and heard you loud and clear -- you wanted the jersey Robert wears on stage. After some wrangling, we finally got some! The Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey is available for the taking. You may have noticed the Riff Life Glow-In-The-Dark Knit Gloves (full-fingered and fingerless versions available) as well -- modeled after James' tattoos, these are the perfect accessory as summer winds down. And the Est. 1981 Stadium Blanket and 2015 Calendar are must-haves as the seasons turn and 2015 approaches.

And hey, we don't know if you noticed...the Cliff 'Em All and A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Part 01 & 02 DVDs are back in stock courtesy of Blackened Recordings for the low price of...*drum roll*...$9.99! What are you waiting for?!