back Metallica Black Album DVD Audio

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The coolest way to hear the “Black” album that you may not know about . . . surround sound re-mixed in 5.1 Audio and mastered especially for DVD-Audio and designed to kick major ass on your surround sound/home theatre system. This disc will ONLY play on your DVD player (it won’t play on a compact disc player) and was released several years ago, but was not readily available. Now that home theatre equipment is more affordable and easier to find, we had the label press up some more for us and it’s the best way that we know of at this point listen to this album!

For you tech heads: Playback is possible on all DVD-Video or Audio/Video players – your hardware set-up determines the mix you hear: DVD-Video compatible Dolby Digital Surround or new for DVD-Audio, Advance Resolution Surround or Stereo.