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Limited run two book set, each book 12” x 12” square bound with a hard cover.  The first book includes 20 pages of photographs by famed photographer and director Anton Corbijn, all taken of Lou Reed and Metallica in Gothenburg, Sweden in July of 2011. The lyric book is 28 pages with lyrics from each song along with imagery from the objects collection of Werkbundarchiv Museum Der Dinge, Berlin, Germany. 

 The two “Lulu” CD’s are also included in the lyric book.

 All housed in a clear plastic slipcase.

The musical collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, "Lulu," was inspired by German expressionist writer Frank Wedekind's plays "Earth Spirit" and "Pandora's Box," which tell a story of a young abused dancer's life and relationships and are now collectively known as the "Lulu Plays." Since their publication in the early 1900's, the plays have been the inspiration for a silent film ("Pandora's Box," 1929), an opera, and countless other creative endeavors. Originally the lyrics and musical landscape were sketched out by Lou for a theatrical production in Berlin, but after coming together with the 'Tallica boys for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts in New York in 2009 they all knew they wanted to make more music together.  Fast forward to the end of April, 2011 when Lou and the band camped out recording at HQ studios in Northern California, bringing us to today and ten complete songs.

  1. Brandenburg Gate (4:19)
  2. The View (5:17)
  3. Pumping Blood (7:24)
  4. Mistress Dread (6:52)
  5. Iced Honey (4:36)
  6. Cheat On Me (11:26)
  7. Frustration (8:33)
  8. Little Dog (8:01)
  9. Dragon (11:08)
  10. Junior Dad (19:28)

Produced by Lou Reed, Metallica, Hal Wilner, Greg Fidelman. Mixed by Greg Fidelman.