Another Video! Robert vs. Orion!

Like we've already said, we're not done yet! The latest video to come out of Orion Music + More is a clip highlighting Robert's crazy weekend of playing not just one... not just two... not just three... but FOUR live sets! There's more footage from dehaan (Anesthesia & Whiplash), a funky cut from Infectious Grooves (Monster Skank), the skate thrash of the Trujillo Trio (Follow the Blood Trail) and, of course, the Mighty Metallica (Orion).

We're waiting on some more footage to be dumped in our lap, so it might be a few days until the next video, but we still plan on bringing you clips from the Car Show, the Crypt, and Hit the Lights Films... and, if you're nice, a couple more clips from the headlining Metallica show.