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Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is fast approaching, and all of us at HQ wanted to give you guys a chance to get in some early shopping! The limited Jump in the Fire Mask is beckoning, and it wouldn't be Halloween without some Pushead-design t-shirts like the Doris Jersey!

Want to add a little realism to your band member costumes this year? The Riff Life Gloves (fingerless and full-fingered) are modeled after James' tattoos, the Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Signature Series Drum Sticks are available in both red and silver, Rob rocked the Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey all tour long, and Kirk is the master of horror in his book, Too Much Horror Business.

Cannot Stop Accessories!

It is all accessories all the time this week at the Met Store -- there is something for everyone. The By Request Frisbee, newly acquired from tour, is the perfect end-of-summer item. Guys, lose the bulky wallet and snag the Doris Money Clip instead. Ladies, have you seen the M Logo and Ninja Star Expandable Charm Bracelet? We've conveniently bundled them as the Expandable Charm Bracelet (2-Pack) if you can't pick just one!

This is just the tip of the iceberg...take a look around and see what suits you! While you're at it, we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of Death Magnetic's release in This Week in Metallica. Check it out!

Turn the Page

As you may have heard, we are officially world record holders -- we will be in the latest Guinness Book of World Records as the first and only band to play all seven continents in a year! It's only right to celebrate the occasion with everyone in the Met Store. Snag cool Antarctica merch, grab some gear from tour, relive past concerts, whatever...we've got tour-themed options this week for your perusal.

Riff Life!

The band is off the road, the kids are back in school...things have settled down a bit for 'Tallica fans everywhere. But the same can't be said for all of us at HQ! We keep bringing you new gear, because let's be guys never rest!

We read the emails and heard you loud and clear -- you wanted the jersey Robert wears on stage. After some wrangling, we finally got some! The Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey is available for the taking. You may have noticed the Riff Life Glow-In-The-Dark Knit Gloves (full-fingered and fingerless versions available) as well -- modeled after James' tattoos, these are the perfect accessory as summer winds down. And the Est. 1981 Stadium Blanket and 2015 Calendar are must-haves as the seasons turn and 2015 approaches.

And hey, we don't know if you noticed...the Cliff 'Em All and A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Part 01 & 02 DVDs are back in stock courtesy of Blackened Recordings for the low price of...*drum roll*...$9.99! What are you waiting for?!


We've been ramping things up on the vinyl front recently and the repressings of the back catalog on our label, Blackened Recordings, are coming in fast. Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice for All, Metallica Black Album, Load, and Death Magnetic are all available for your purchasing and listening pleasure!

Check out the vinyl and more Blackened gear this week in the Met Store, along with other new swag like the Charm Necklace on Link Chain, Lightning Glow-In-The-Dark Long Sleeve Shirt, Riff Life Glow-In-The-Dark Knit Gloves (available in fingerless and full-fingered versions). We also have some sharp new 1.25" buttons (they look great on the Seek and Destroy Work Jacket!)

By request...we have the Ride the Lightning Anniversary Basketball Jersey, worn by Rob on stage this year, and it is calling your name!

Birth, School, Metallica...

Has anyone ever considered the adults when it comes to back-to-school shopping? Your friends at HQ have. Parents, you are the unsung heroes of the day for putting up with the kids all summer long! And college students...having to cut back on partying to 2-3 times a week is a tough transition. Fortunately, we are here for everyone. Back-to-school sales aren't just for kids anymore in the Met Store!

Enjoying a drink or cigar to celebrate the return to normalcy has never been easier (or looked better) - our Double M Flask, Bottle Opener (Mounted), Antarctica Tall Boy Koozie, and Crest Logo Engraved Zippo Lighter have you taken care of. The 2015 Calendar is perfect for plotting out your study ( schedule. And the Est. 1981 Stadium Blanket is great for lying on the couch eating bon-bons while the kids are at school.

Oh yeah...we have some great deals on clothes and supplies for the kids, too. Happy back-to-school shopping, 'Tallica fans!

Celebrated Summer

This summer has been a won't hear any complaints from us! But it's time to say goodbye to the By Request shows after Montreal this weekend. It's looking like the set is going to be heavy on the classics, so what better way to go out in style than to go just as heavy on the savings!

Old-school shirts like the Young Metal Attack T-Shirt and Doris T-Shirt are available at low prices, as well as new classics like the Jump in the Fire VINTAGE T-Shirt and Master of Puppets DISTRESSED T-Shirt. You can still snag favorites like the Bottle Opener (MOUNTED) and Est. 1981 Stadium Blanket, and don't forget to check out the brand new Double M Flask!

Third Stone from the Sun

Sad but true...summer is winding its way down. But there is plenty of warm weather left to be enjoyed, and we've got the goods for those last days of fun in the sun. Koozies? Got 'em. Coolers? Check. Captain's Chair? Oh yeah. Towels, tank tops, sunscreen? Help yourself. Oh and the Bottle Opener (MOUNTED) is FINALLY back in stock -- trust us, it'll look good next to your grill in your kitchen, by your desk at work (don't tell your boss!)...we know you'll find a good spot for it!

You can also check out or new Crest Logo Engraved Zippo Lighter -- looks sharp if we do say so ourselves! And don't forget to peep the This Week in Metallica section for some deals on Metallica Black Album media and apparel. Can you believe the "Enter Sandman" single came out 23 years ago?! Neither can we.

Keep Coloring Your World Blackened

All of us at HQ are impressed -- looks like 'Tallica fans all over the world haven't hesitated to get behind Blackened Recordings! No wonder our fans are the best...

We know you've probably kicked back on the sofa with your Blackened gear on, Master of Puppets on the turntable, Fabric Banners on the wall, cold drink at the least that's what we are doing (hey, this job has its perks)! But it's hot here at HQ, and the drinks aren't staying quite as cold as we like. Fortunately, we were thinking ahead -- the Antarctica Koozie and Antarctica Tall Boy Koozie just arrived and are ready to buy. Problem solved!

We've kept the great deals on vinyl going this week -- the first pressing of Master of Puppets on Blackened is ready for your turntable, and we have other classics available as well (at low, low prices!) But don't sleep: the very last copies of the Through the Never 45 RPM Deluxe Vinyl Set and Through the Never 33 1/3 Colored Vinyl are almost gone. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Color Your World Blackened

Those of you in the know may have heard about our very own record label -- it's called Blackened Recordings and it is our excuse to do WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT! Even if you are a bit behind, there is no better time than the present to color your world Blackened. This is an outlet for all kinds of cool shit, new and old, and we want to take care of the best fans in the world.

First things first: we are repressing our back catalog on CD and vinyl, and we figured we would start off with a bang...Master of Puppets is BACK on wax. This is the first pressing on Blackened (and your first chance to buy this on vinyl in a minute), so feel free to help yourselves!

For those who want to rep our label, our brand, and our lifestyle to the max, we've got more than just music for you! Check out the new Blackened Recordings Tonal T-Shirt, Blackened Recordings Turntable Slip Mat, and M Logo Embroidered Flat Brim Snapback Hat.

Still not impressed? The last copies of the Through the Never 45 RPM Deluxe Vinyl Set and Through the Never 33 1/3 Colored Vinyl are here for the taking, as well as our first release exclusively on Blackened, the Quebec Magnetic DVD and Blu-ray! Plus, we have some killer new banners to check out -- we know they will look good on the wall above your turntable!