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Halloween and More!

Still procrastinating on your costume? We have a few of the limited Jump in the Fire Mask left, but they are going fast -- don't sleep!

Get your James, Lars, Kirk and Rob on with the Riff Life Gloves, the Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Signature Series Drum Sticks, the very scary Too Much Horror Business, and the Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey. Or do it (literally) with the Names T-Shirt.

Between new items like the Got Riff? T-Shirt, Scary Guy Skullhawk T-Shirt, M Logo - Jacquard Reversible Beanie and the Ninja Star iPhone / iPad / iDevice Button and classic Pushead designs like the Damage Inc. T-Shirt, Doris Jersey, and Harvester Of Sorrow T-Shirt, you are covered on all fronts.

And how could we forget...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bass player extraordinare Robert Trujillo! That Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey is looking even better with age.

Get Your Costumes!

Halloween is just over two weeks away, so it's time to pull your costume together. As usual, we are more than happy to help. The limited Jump in the Fire Mask is beckoning -- we are down to the last few of this amazing piece, so get yours now!

Dressing like your favorite band member and need some inspiration? The Riff Life Gloves (fingerless and full-fingered) are modeled after James' tattoos, the Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Signature Series Drum Sticks are available in both red and silver, Rob rocked the Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey all summer long, and Kirk can provide costume ideas galore through his amazing horror memorabilia collection in his book, Too Much Horror Business.

And hey, it wouldn't be Halloween in the Met Store without Pushead! Check out favorites like the Crash Course in Brain Surgery T-Shirt and Damaged Justice Women's T-Shirt and gear up for the season.

No Rest for Metallica

It's been a busy couple of weeks in Metallica-land! Helping curate film festivals, our friends at the San Francisco Giants in the playoffs, announcing a show in Vegas next year, releasing three live recordings every week...we hope you have been able to keep up! 

To make your lives a little easier, we thought we would highlight some of the newer items in our store. The Helsinki and Los Angeles CDs feature the first performance of "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" in its entirety and an acoustic performance of four cover songs, respectively, making them pretty special entries in our Live Metallica catalog! You can check out those and more killer shows in the Live Metallica CDs section under Multimedia.

Check out more tour-related gear this week -- The Four Horsemen T-Shirt and Phantom Lord T-Shirt are both based on tour favorites (and we actually have a few of the Phantom Lord 2013 Tour T-Shirt left), the By Request Frisbee is a new favorite, and there is plenty more for you to explore!


Artists in Residence

As Artists in Residence at the 37th Mill Valley Film Festival, we thought a movie-themed store was appropriate this week. Delve into our extensive film history with Through the Never, reissues of classics like Cliff 'Em All on Blackened Recordings, and more. Since the guys each get to show a film of their choice, we thought we'd feature band-member-specific merch as well (and hey, it could double as part of a Halloween costume in a couple of weeks)!

We also thought you might be interested in a very special Metallica show as part of our Live Metallica 2014 CD series. Metallica paid tribute to Ozzy Osbourne at the MusiCares MAP Fund Tribute Benefit with a special acoustic performance of four cover songs. All net proceeds from sales of this show will be donated to the MusiCares MAP Fund.

October 1st marked 16 years since the band wrapped up recording on the new cover songs for Garage Inc. Check out the This Week in Metallica section for some limited-time deals!

Chill in the Air

Fall is officially here, and with rain and a chill in the air around HQ, it's time to stock up for the season. Thermals? We've got 'em. Long Sleeve shirts? On it. Blankets, Hoodies, Scarves, Beanies? All of the above. And with our friends at the San Francisco Giants making a playoff push, be sure to check out our merch from Metallica Night in preparation for postseason baseball.

Oh, one last thing -- the Master of Puppets Holiday Sweater is back, and the last few Scary Holiday Sweaters are going fast. Take a look around and get ready for the season!

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is fast approaching, and all of us at HQ wanted to give you guys a chance to get in some early shopping! The limited Jump in the Fire Mask is beckoning, and it wouldn't be Halloween without some Pushead-design t-shirts like the Doris Jersey!

Want to add a little realism to your band member costumes this year? The Riff Life Gloves (fingerless and full-fingered) are modeled after James' tattoos, the Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Signature Series Drum Sticks are available in both red and silver, Rob rocked the Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey all tour long, and Kirk is the master of horror in his book, Too Much Horror Business.

Cannot Stop Accessories!

It is all accessories all the time this week at the Met Store -- there is something for everyone. The By Request Frisbee, newly acquired from tour, is the perfect end-of-summer item. Guys, lose the bulky wallet and snag the Doris Money Clip instead. Ladies, have you seen the M Logo and Ninja Star Expandable Charm Bracelet? We've conveniently bundled them as the Expandable Charm Bracelet (2-Pack) if you can't pick just one!

This is just the tip of the iceberg...take a look around and see what suits you! While you're at it, we are celebrating the 6th anniversary of Death Magnetic's release in This Week in Metallica. Check it out!

Turn the Page

As you may have heard, we are officially world record holders -- we will be in the latest Guinness Book of World Records as the first and only band to play all seven continents in a year! It's only right to celebrate the occasion with everyone in the Met Store. Snag cool Antarctica merch, grab some gear from tour, relive past concerts, whatever...we've got tour-themed options this week for your perusal.

Riff Life!

The band is off the road, the kids are back in school...things have settled down a bit for 'Tallica fans everywhere. But the same can't be said for all of us at HQ! We keep bringing you new gear, because let's be guys never rest!

We read the emails and heard you loud and clear -- you wanted the jersey Robert wears on stage. After some wrangling, we finally got some! The Ride the Lightning Anniv. Basketball Jersey is available for the taking. You may have noticed the Riff Life Glow-In-The-Dark Knit Gloves (full-fingered and fingerless versions available) as well -- modeled after James' tattoos, these are the perfect accessory as summer winds down. And the Est. 1981 Stadium Blanket and 2015 Calendar are must-haves as the seasons turn and 2015 approaches.

And hey, we don't know if you noticed...the Cliff 'Em All and A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica, Part 01 & 02 DVDs are back in stock courtesy of Blackened Recordings for the low price of...*drum roll*...$9.99! What are you waiting for?!


We've been ramping things up on the vinyl front recently and the repressings of the back catalog on our label, Blackened Recordings, are coming in fast. Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, ...And Justice for All, Metallica Black Album, Load, and Death Magnetic are all available for your purchasing and listening pleasure!

Check out the vinyl and more Blackened gear this week in the Met Store, along with other new swag like the Charm Necklace on Link Chain, Lightning Glow-In-The-Dark Long Sleeve Shirt, Riff Life Glow-In-The-Dark Knit Gloves (available in fingerless and full-fingered versions). We also have some sharp new 1.25" buttons (they look great on the Seek and Destroy Work Jacket!)

By request...we have the Ride the Lightning Anniversary Basketball Jersey, worn by Rob on stage this year, and it is calling your name!