The Big 4 DVD Release

The Big 4 DVD Release

View the trailer for The Big 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria below.

Update: Update your calendars, the release dates have changed. The DVD will now hit the streets on October 29 in Northern Europe, November 1 in most of the rest of the world, November 2 in North America.

Click here to view images of the Deluxe DVD Box Set

Update: You can now pre-order the Deluxe DVD Box Set in the Metallica Store. All 'Big 4' DVD orders placed in the MetStore, including this presale, will ALSO include one limited edition, exclusive RED Big 4 guitar pick featuring one of four different print colors (white, black, silver or gold). This red guitar pick is not available in stores!

The Deluxe DVD Box Set will start shipping around October 29, 2010. To our friends outside of North America, this special DVD box set will be available at your favorite local stores and online retailers as well, should you choose to avoid international shipping charges. Also, the DVD is Region Free and will work in all DVD players around the world.

There will not be a presale for the standard DVD and Blu-Ray discs. You can expect those releases to appear in the store at the end of October.

You may have heard us say something about a DVD at the end of the satellite broadcast or read it in the internet rumor mill . . . it's true, there will be a DVD release of the Big 4 show from Sofia, Bulgaria!! We had such an awesome time hanging with Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer and the cameras were already rolling, so why not?

Here's the scoop: The DVD hits the streets on October 29 in Northern Europe, November 1 in most of the rest of the world, November 2 in North America and the full shows from all four bands will be included in the two disc set along with behind the scenes and interview footage. In addition to the two DVD set and the corresponding Blu-ray, there will be a limited edition "super deluxe" box set including the DVD set, five CD's with ALL the music, a 24 page booklet, a poster, photos of each band, and a Big 4 guitar pick.

The clever title of the DVD is "The Big 4 Live From Sofia, Bulgaria" (yes, that's really it!!) and you if you're interested in the box set, we'll have a pre-order in the Metallica Store for you shortly. And as always, keep watching here for more details.