Of Course We'll Be In Christchurch!

We're in route to Melbourne and we're psyched about getting out there and getting amongst it again. We kinda make it a policy here to not respond to rumors and speculation, however the recent magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand is certainly a unique situation and we are aware that there have been various reports that we would not make it there.

Well, we're coming. Full bore. Between working through European volcanic ash clouds last April (and not missing any shows . . . ) and living in California most of our lives, we are no strangers to the effects of natural disasters and our hearts go out to those of you affected by this major tremor. What we can and will do is what we always do - come and play, give 110%, and "rock the house" (!!) in our own unique way for the two nights we're in Christchurch.

We're looking forward to our Fall in Australia and New Zealand . . . it's just beginning!!