Another Metallica Related Release This Year?

Another Metallica Related Release This Year?

Ray Davies discusses his collaboration with Metallica in the video below.



About a year ago, we had the honor of playing with Ray Davies at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert in New York . . . it was the first time we had ever met Ray and was definitely one of the highlights of our night. Fast forward a few months to the tuning room before the show in Oslo on April 14 and there we were recording with Ray!!! How cool is that?

Turns out that Ray has been planning to put out a record of collaborations on classic Kinks songs with a wide variety of today's musicians and low and behold we were actually asked to be included in this stellar group spanning many genres and styles. Titled "See My Friends," our version of "You Really Got Me" appears on disc, or in bits and bites, along side of Ray with Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, Lucinda Williams, Jackson Browne, Alex Chilton, Spoon, Frank Black, Billy Corgan and many others. The album is coming to your favorite place to purchase music on the following dates:

October 29th in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland & Switzerland
November 1st in Denmark, Finland, France & Sweden
November 2nd in Italy
November 5th in Australia & Germany
November 8th in New Zealand & the UK
November 26th in South Africa

We had a blast hanging out with a real legend and hope you dig it. For more info, go here: