On Parole

On Parole

Update May 1: The boys are on their way back to SQ for their one hour show. We have a short video from yesterday. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Click here

As previously reported, Metallica decided to shoot the video for the title track, "St. Anger", at The Big House - San Quentin State Prison. Here we are, back at Metallica HQ, after spending the last 18 hours at San Quentin. I think I am not only speaking for myself when I say that today's visit made a huge impression on everyone. There were many raw emotions going around between band members, crew, correctional officers, and inmates.


I have seen hundreds and hundreds of Metallica shows all over the world and numerous video shoots. Today's event will definitely go down in Metallica history. The band entered the prison around 7am this morning. When they took their first steps on the prison grounds, they looked at each other and knew this would not be just another video...


The first thing we are told by our designated correctional officer is, "San Quentin has a No hostage policy". This basically means if someone gets taken hostage there will be no negotiating, you are on your own buddy. Good morning to you too...from there our day continued.


The video was shot with the band performing at various locations throughout the compound. From outside, during the prisoners lunch break, to inside the cell block. This video was truly unique... everyone involved were authentic inmates & correctional officers. One of the main correctional officers, that worked there for over 22 years, explained that no one has EVER done anything like what Metallica did here today. He further explained that when he informed the inmates about the upcoming event, the response was overwhelming. He also stated that the feeling is that music is something that everyone from correctional officers to inmates have in common and feel very passionate about. At the end of the night, when the band were on their way home James, looking very emotional, says to the other guys - "This was the best one ever...wow".


Metallica will be back tomorrow at San Quentin to perform for the inmates, as a thanks for their help in making this video and the experience so unforgettable. Keep checking this site for more updates & pictures.


Story & Pictures by Niclas S