St. Anger FAQ

1. My copy of St. Anger does not have a component (CD,DVD, or booklet). What do I do?

This depends on where and when you purchased your copy. The initial first manufacturing run of St. Anger around the world (in the millions!) all included both the CD and the DVD, along with the 28 page booklet. Subsequent pressings outside of North America and Japan may only include the CD and 28 page booklet - no DVD, unfortunately due to some record company restrictions. You may still purchase the full package of both the CD and the DVD, but the price may be the equivalent of 1-2 Euros more depending on your local retailer.

If you purchased the package in North America or Japan and are missing an element, we suggest that you return it to the store you purchased it at - you will probably need your receipt!

2. What happened to the website?

The Metallica Vault website has now moved to, and you do not need that pesky CD key!