Not Your Average Tour Review

Not Your Average Tour Review

So there we were, in Germany, in Nuremburg Germany, in FC Nuremburg's massive soccer stadium to be precise, when in walks a priceless little bit of Metallihistory with his old buddy Kirk Hammett...Scott Ian. yes, Scotty from Anthrax, the diminutive riff machine, the schizmated live aggro merchant, one of the main drivers behind Noo Yawk's most famous modern metallists. Scott and Kirk have been friends for many, many years, always sharing stories on a variety of subjects from guitars to movies. And the two bands have always shared times together...perhaps the most legendary stint happened in 1986 when 'thrax supported Metallica through Europe, when the Cliffage was flying, James was crashing all over the place on boards with wheels and both bands were quite literally raging 28/7.

So when the Metontourmesiter Nic suggested to me that y'all might really, no, REALLY enjoy reading what HE thought of the first gig of this Summer 2003 tour, I had to put my hands together and agree that a review from Scott Ian would be honest, passionate, unique, fun and (given l'histoire) very, very cool. And with that, I'll hand it over to Scott...

Steffan Chirazi, SW! Ed-itter

"Hi, my name is James."
And the fifty thousand loyal subjects he was holding in the palms of his mighty rhythmic hands roared in agreement. "And that's Kirk, that's Lars, and over here is the new member of the family, Robert Trujillo. We are Metallica."
Yes they are.

And if you ever had the slightest inkling of doubt, or of slippage, or the idea that they were ready to rescind their title and pass the torch, you'd better rethink it son, because Metallica remains firmly in place on the throne.

And they are not about to give it up to anyone. Bang your heads with respect! And I did. We all did. From the members of all the other bands that opened the show, to the aforementioned fifty thousand loyal, we all participated in the giant metallic mass that Metallica gave at the Rock Im Park festival Friday night in Nurnberg.

Why all the religious metaphors?
Because that's what being at this concert felt like. A man reborn. A band reborn. A newfound positivism that has brought an even more aggressive vibe to a band that's never been lacking in the balls department. I've seen Metallica. You can say that I've seen the shit out of Metallica. From the early pre Kill'Em All days when "by any means necessary" was the modus operandi, to now where the same work ethic holds true. More than just blood, sweat and tears, it is their whole life. They'd give anything for the music, anything for the show, and anything for the fans.

From when I first saw them in a cold-water squat masquerading as a rehearsal space in 1982, to the rarified air of stadium headliners, Metallica has remained true to themselves. They were as on fire Friday night as much as I've ever seen them. They took the most impersonal, giant-size venue and turned it into an intimate show for their friends. That's what it felt like. It was inspiring. They made you feel like they were playing for you, and that they were so fucking happy to be doing it. The feeling was palpable. The crowd was caught up in this vortex of sonic energy that wouldn't let go.

I'm not going to go into a song by song analysis of the show. It was a situation where the sum was greater than it's parts. You had to have the whole thing. I will say this though. Seeing Metallica play Hit The Lights, Four Horsemen, No Remorse, Master Of Puppets, Harvester Of Sorrow, Blackened, Creeping Death, Enter Sandman, Frantic, St. Anger etc. etc. is like getting to see Olivier play Hamlet, or DeNiro as Travis Bickle, or Jordan play basketball, or Ali fight. Not to be redundant but you get the idea. You're seeing the best doing what they do best.

I've got to leave you with a toast that I believe say's it best. This goes out not only to Metallica, but also to everyone that loves this thing of ours."Here's to us, and those like us, and all the rest are cunts."

See ya on tour,
Scott Ian

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