St. Anger Treasure Hunt

Can't wait to get your fix of "St. Anger??" Is June 5th just too far away? Well, here's a way for you to satisfy your cravings now. Starting tomorrow, June 3, eleven web sites around the world will be streaming one song each from the upcoming DVD release of "St. Anger" recorded live at Metallica H.Q. but, you'll have to work to find those sites.

Clues for each site are below and you'll know when you found the right site because you will see the following banner (or one like it) when you get there. Remember, the clips won't be posted until June 3, so you won't see the banners just yet.



No more hints - only the clues below. Happy hunting!!

Site 1:
- This company is the MVP of Maddeningly great sports video games

Site 2:
- Your Gates-way to the hottest new music and music news

Site 3:
- Where new music blasts off

Site 4:
- The sumo wrestler of websites

Site 5:
- Where music, movies, technology, contests and more are synthesized into something net. Oops, we mean something new.

Site 6:
- Highly toxic radio south of the border

Sire 7:
- Germanic Icon makers

Site 8:
- Same as the U.S. video game site, but Down Under

Site 9:
- Le ringtones et Le logos

Site 10:
- This magazine/site name rhymes with twang

Site 11:
- "." music