Lars Radio

Our very own drummer will be taking over local radio station KBPI in Denver tomorrow night (July 31st) from 9pm to 11 pm mountain time. This show will be broadcasted live to various stations across the US. (11pm EST, 8pm PST) Here is a partial list of participating radio stations. Please check with your local station to see if they are carrying this show.

WXTB Tampa, FL
KRQC Omaha, NE
KDAG Farmington, NM
WBFX Grand Rapids, Mi
WTFX-FM Louisville, KY
KSDN FM Aberdeen, SD
WTUE Dayton, OH
KXRX-FM 97 Tri Cities, WA
KURQ San Luis Obispo, CA
WBZT-FM Greenville-Spartanburg, SC
KSJO San Francisco, CA
WOUR Utica, NY
KBAZ Missoula, MT
WTKX Pensacola, FL/Mobile, AL
KXLP Mankato, MN
WTAO-FM Marion/Carbondale, IL
KFLY Eugene/Springfield, OR
WKQQ Lexington, KY
WNVE-FM Rochester, NY
WVRK-FM Columbus, GA
KEGL Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
WKLS Atlanta, GA
KLOL Houston, TX
KCPX-FM (Channel 1057) Salt Lake City, UT
KFNK Seattle, WA
KRZZ Wichita, KS