The Unnamed Feeling: Video

The Unnamed Feeling: Video

Here it is, the new video for 'The Unnamed Feeling'.

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Yesterday, Oct 15th, Metallica shot the third video from their 'St Anger' album, 'The Unnamed Feeling', in downtown Los Angeles. Based in the premises of Little Joe's restaurant, and directed/produced by The Malloy Brothers (St.Anger producers), the shoot was taking place at two different areas in the building and utilized dozens of extras to help show anxiety, one of the more powerful 'unnamed feelings' the song deals with.



Little Joe's


Guests who will be appearing in the video include world famous surfer Rob Machado (no prizes for guessing which band members were stoked about him being on set and in the frame!) and actor Edward Furlong.



Rob Trujillo, Rob Machado and Kirk Hammett





The band shot their scenes in a day, plenty of performance footage with some cool FX we don't wanna reveal here, and the mood was one of mellow, yet focused, efficiency with a good deal of humor thrown in. For the latest info on an air date, keep on checking, and watch too for a feature in So What! magazine.



Metallica & The Malloy Brothers


Text: Steffan Chirazi
Photos: Niclas Swanlund