Through The Never Opening Weekend


Yeah. That's right. We want you, you and you to slowly reach around behind your back and start patting it vigorously. Because thanks to YOU, YOU AND YOU, Metallica Through The Never opened in it's initial, exclusive, limited release IMAX form at NUMBER SIX* on Friday, September 27th and ended the weekend as the THIRD BIGGEST FILM IN NORTH AMERICA on limited release**...

By now we know what this delicious slice of viscerality is all about, we know how it crushes your senses and invigorates your body, we know how it brings out the riotous soul in all of us and we know how huge it sounds...but listen, without YOU and YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT, this doesn't happen.

The guys were out in force of course, starting on Thursday for those fun night-time openers. James was at the SF AMC Metreon and Emeryville's AMC theaters, Lars was at the Chinese Theater and AMC Universal Citywalk in LA, Kirk took to the road and hit Milwaukee's AMC Mayfair before motoring to AMC Woodfield in Schaumburg, Illinois while Rob went even further East to the AMC New Brunswick, NJ, and Philadelphia's AMC Franklin Mills. Their travels continued the following day, with Lars at AMC theaters in Riverside and Norwalk, CA, Kirk at AMC theaters in Houston and Dallas and Rob sprinting up the Eastern seaboard from the Regal Majestic in Washington DC to the AMC Boston Commons! THAT'S some foot-pounding-promo right there! But as those of you who were at any of those screenings would've seen, the phrase 'labor of love' could not be more applicable. They believe in this movie with every fibre in their bodies.

And now we can all see that YOU do too.
And you!
And you!
And your friends who might not be reading this...and their friends...look, let's just put it like this. NOTHING is taken for granted by the guys, and YOUR support on this journey through the never (and, in all fairness, the unknown) has absolutely thrilled them.

So thank you. From Lars, James, Kirk and Rob.

The family is stronger than ever.

Steffan Chirazi
SW! Editor, 7 times viewer of Metallica Through The Never, and eager future late-night attendee at the Metreon next Wednesday night with some loud buddies!

Don't have an IMAX theater nearby? Never fear, Metallica Through The Never will be hitting many more 3D theaters next week on Friday, October 4. If you live outside of North America, please click here for the release date in your country.

If you loved Metallica Through The Never, check out the soundtrack available in the Met Store and on iTunes.