Dec 19th - post 2

While I was reading through the reviews from Antwerp I saw a post from the fan that gave Rob his "funny hat", that Rob decided to wear during Bells. I thought I share that with you as well:####Posted by: JimmyHBS BelgiumI am the proud donor of the "ZOTTEKOP" which is the 'funny' hat Roberto wore during Bells. Lars courteously slipped it on Kirk during his final Solo of Bells. The hat is of the National Belgian Soccer Team. I gave it during the Meet&Greet before the show and told him that if he'd wair it on stage the audience would be listening a lot closer. Beats THX. And yezzz, he did, all the Palace stood up and never sat down again till the end of the gig. I'm not a big soccer fan myself, i stick to Metallica and Harley's, but it was a great way to get the whole croud going. IT REALLY MADE MY DAY !! After going to Arnhem, Bercy and Cologne, I was afraid we couldn't outdo those gigs as Belgian fans. But, AU CONTRAIRE, the Belgian Fans stood United as ONE. GREAT SETLIST !!! I couldn't be more Proud !!! METALLICA FOREVER !!!