Dec 18 - post 3

Hello London, England! Here we are after a nice 8 hour bus drive. The crew left around 3 in the morning from Antwerp, Belgium, and arrived at the hotel in London around 11 in the morning. I had a quick shower and then off to hook up with James for another day of(f) fun. James and Sully, Robbie and Tony from Godsmack went to a "Sporting Clays" ranch outside London. They spent a few hours shooting, unfortunately not together as they were forced to divide into groups. They spent about 2 hours there, and walked out with a big smile on their face, plus all body parts still looking the same. Check out the pics. More detailed report & pics might show up in a future issue of So What! magazine (Metallica's Fanclub Mag).Tomorrow, day one out of two at Earls Court in London. Setlist???