Dec 17 - post 6

Thanks for the reviews from yesterdays show in Arnhem. My pick goes to: rythmick-----Review by: rythmick Hey guys, yeah...what should I was freakin' great....I really had a blast....It was a really, really good setlist....with a few (more than a few) really good suprises and some must classics. I must say it was my best Metallcia gig I've ever been that being at your gigs since 1984 (yeah....Ride the Lightning, baby!) The sound was good, but a bit to much stomach from the basses (bass and drums)... And one thing was surely regocnizable....the boys had fun....and if the boys have fun....we surely have a lot of fun, too.... The new songs are really great in a live situation....good god....and Kirk even played a solo in 'Dirty window'....btw that song ruled Thanx for 'Leper Messiah' And Lars....thanx for actually playing 'The thing that should not be' as I requested during the Meet & Greet... And James....this time you really got me there during 'Seek & Destroy' all good....CU next time guys bye Mick