Dec 15 - post 2

Alright, day off in Cologne, Germany. Got a call from James around 2pm saying that he was on his way out to ride go-carts with some of the folks from Godsmack. He wondered if I could tag along and take some photos & video tape the event. He did give me a 2 minute notice, so that was not too bad. Entering the van they rented, we had Sully & Robbie from Godsmack plus some of their very cool crew guys. James have been hanging out with those guys a lot lately and I must say this tour is turning into a very cool "family vibe" between the bands & their crew. James even caught a ride with Godsmack after the last show. We went to Michael Schumacher Kart-Center to ride some go-carts. They sure had some FAST machines in there. We bought tickets for like 6 races each, but after 2 races everyone was already beat and we had to get some food and relax. Each race is like 9 minutes and with these machines it does beat the hell out of you, unless one of your "friends" crashes in to you :) After all the races were done, and we were in the car on the way back to the hotel. It was fun to hear all "excuses." "Hey man, my car sucked. I weigh too much." and so on, but it was all in good spirits, and many jokes were thrown around. ...and the tour continues tomorrow, show coming up here in Cologne, GERMANY. See ya then...MOT