Dec 13 - post 2

Congratulations screen name: MetallidarkYou are the winner of the "review contest" from the show in Bologna, ITALY. Here we go:Review By: MetallidarkGodsmack was good, Sully has great voice and the "drumming duet" really kicked ass! But the real event started with Ecstacy of Gold, we all went quite insane and we shout out MetallicA name to have you out! Blackened was great,and the next songs too...I saw people crying during Fade to black! The whole of us was singing and pogoing! And a good surprise arrived with Dirty window, very heavy and good live(and also on cd,it's clear!). Great interpretation of Jaimz during the "Get the fuck..." part on The Unnamed feeling, and great triplet with Harvester of sorrow, Master(I never saw or listened to it so fucking great!), and Battery. Lots of laughings when Kirk and Lars changes instruments,and then,after an incredible Nothing else matters, you 'tallica played Creeping Death in a double speed! The other fantastic moment was One, you played it great way! And Enter Sandman too,and on it I noticed that Jaimz sang the "Sleep with one eye opened" in original tone for the first time(or first in my mind), for me he is on his best moment with his voice. Also the final two old songs were great, and the thing that makes me really happy is that MetallicA seems(I hope is not fake)to enjoy like us during shows(the Italian ones at last). I hope what Lars said is true, and then "See you again outdoors on July"! Stay heavy! Great 'tallica! P.S.:next time open with Fight fire with fire,pleaseeeeee!