Dec 7 - post 2 (LARS)

To All Our Dutch Friends,Lars here. Sunday night. Niclas asked me a couple of hours ago if I would pick the winner for the little review competition that we came up with yesterday on the MetOnTour site. Fuck yeah - of course I would! I just sat and read through all of your reviews and you guys are some “GOOD-SPEAKING ENGLISH LITERARY WRITING”(??) motherfuckers. Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your thoughts. I feel a lot of Dutch love in my little Danish body right now. Here are my thoughts: It’s completely fucking impossible to just pick one, since there are so many great ones… so since it’s our website and we make the rules (often just as we go along), I’m gonna pick and print five!!So thanks to (in no particular order) dijoske, Metallica1987666, Ramp-Attempt_MiMi, FenerManiac & rjsoeps for their cool thoughts, which will follow at the end of this drivel.A couple of shout-outs and fuck yeahs to deliberator, karelrulez, pepe1001 & chemo86 for their thoughts. To st anger rulez – I hope your throat is getting better and to JamesLarsKirkRob & Dante16, thanks for the flag, it’s in my roadcase so I can take it home after the tour. And finally, to Clock Strikes Twelve, sorry about your incident, you’ll hear from us about making it all good.Once again, thanks. You’re some crazy motherfuckers and I agree with most of you, last night was probably the best ‘tallica show in Holland. So here’s to June 21, 2004 in Amsterdam where we’ll throw it down and tear it up even harder…C-ya in a bit, Lars