Dec 6 - post 2

Ok, we always try to have fun on tour, right? So, here is something new for today, and maybe for a few more shows if this works out well. Tonight, after the show, I will set up an "official" (you gotta love that word) topic on the message board where YOU will get the chance to write the review for tonight's show. I will pick one of the reviews, and post it here at 'MetOnTour'. And, if you win, you will receive the honour of having your review posted here...WOOHOO! First show for review... tonights show in Arnhem, Holland. Sounds like fun? boring? stupid? Lemme know!Pics are up from outside as well as inside the 'Gelre Dome' in Holland. Doors open around 5:30 and we will have a 'meet and greet' with some fanclub members around 6pm. Stay TUNED!